Monday, June 24, 2013


I had a list of things to do this weekend, broken down into “Must Do” and “Would Like to Do.”  The San Francisco blog update was on the “Would Like to Do” list, but unfortunately got trumped by a lot of other things.  Here are two of those things:

Playing doctor.  I got to be the patient next.

My nieces were here this weekend while Jim and Sabrina were in Minneapolis, living the dream.  At least if your dream is a classic car show and shopping.  The girls were very good - Bella and Neve played Barbies and read books and ran outside in the rain.  Lexie took three-hour naps and dragged around a doll all weekend and made us laugh with her cute little words.  They were fun to have around.  Besides the Taylor Swift concert (more on that next), we didn’t have much up this weekend so I thought we’d do some fun outings with them.  Somehow between work, cleaning, errands, and laundry, that didn’t happen.  We’re hosting a foreign student for a month this summer and the program coordinator called on Saturday morning to say she’d be coming to do a house visit that day.  That phone call resulted in an intense cleaning session, the likes of which hasn’t been seen in these parts for months.  Cleaning with five children in the house is one step forward, fifty steps back.   After all my frantic cleaning and being short and snappy with everyone, the coordinator never showed up.  It was a wasted day because I’ll have to start from scratch the next time she calls.  Since Chloe is now finished school, I’m going to put her to good use this week.  There are several areas of the house in dire need of thorough cleaning and organizing.  She probably won’t like this any more than she liked my request that she spend her free days standing guard in front of our house to ward off the squirrel that is constantly digging in the window box.  In an effort to distance herself from me and my clever ideas, she has solicited a couple of babysitting jobs this week.

Bella in mid-pounce

But it all worked out in the end

The long-awaited Taylor Swift concert was Saturday night.  Chloe, Bailey and Tia got tickets for Christmas, so it was like Christmas in June.  To take away some of their joy after all that anticipation, I suddenly scooped up some cheap tickets on Stubhub on Thursday for Neve and I.  I felt bad about stealing some of their thunder, but their gift also included six months of anticipation.  Right, girls??  And the best part for them is that they were approached by staff at the concert and given wristbands that gave them access to the pit right in front of the stage.  They had an awesome time being so close to the action, while Neve and I viewed from afar the little dot that was supposedly Taylor Swift.  Our seats were almost as far as one could get from the stage.  We had the very edge seats at the end of the stadium; in the 200 level, but not quite at the top.  It was actually perfect for Neve, who refuses to go to movies because they’re too loud and intense.  But she loved the concert.  She never asked to get food or go to the washroom or buy a t-shirt; she was transfixed by Taylor’s music and clothes the whole time.  She sang along to every song she knew (she knew more than I did) and got up and danced on the stairs when she felt like it.  It was a lot of fun and took away any doubts I may have had about bringing her.

Me:  Let's take a picture outside the stadium!

Me:  Let's take a picture inside the stadium!

Me:  Take a picture of me holding up Neve at a slant!

Me:  Let's take a picture to show how far away our seats are from the stage!

Me:  Let's take a picture of the cool new stadium (first concert there)!

Me:  Let's take another picture while we wait for the many opening acts to finish!

Chloe and her cousins were in one of the two areas right at the front that are surrounded by the stage.

Me:  Let's take a picture with Bailey in it!

I guess I could have done the San Francisco update in the time it took me to post this.  You’ll be expecting something amazing by now, but I really just need to sort through hundreds of photos, which I’ll just slap up on the blog.  It feels like a distant memory by now with all the June craziness that’s taken place since then.  Things are about to wind down… work will soon fade to the bare minimum, Neve has two more soccer nights, Spencer has one more fencing session, and the kids will be done school on Thursday.  Very little schoolwork is being done; Neve’s class blew bubbles today and Spencer spent the day at Fun Mountain.  His teacher obviously has not seen the end-of-the-school-year thing that has been all over the internet, because he gifted ME with homework this weekend.  I’m supposed to listen to Spencer read in tortured French, act out a play with stick puppets (seriously), and answer three questions on how well it was presented to me.  If Spencer wasn’t so conscientious/obsessive with homework, I would have thrown my assignment straight into recycling already.  Oh well, I’ll guess I’ll use the time I allotted for baking the teacher brownies to do my homework instead.  Of course I didn’t really allot time for brownies, but if I had …   


Anonymous said...

Concert looks like a great time!! Poor Dale and Spencer left to fend for themselves with our little girls!! Thanks again!!! We owe you big time!!! They look so cute in the pics! Not so cute at soccer tonight!! Grrrrrrrr. Jim

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