Sunday, July 28, 2013


We've had lots of new arrivals this week.  Thankfully none that get me on the show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant."  

1.  Yumi:  We’re hosting a Japanese exchange student for one month and she arrived yesterday. For blogging/privacy purposes, I will call her Yumi (pronounced you-me, not yummy). Communication is more of an issue than I thought it would be, but she is sweet and cute and polite. I can’t imagine what she must be thinking and feeling, being thrown into a strange family in a strange land, unable to understand anything. Neve is very concerned about Yumi’s well-being and keeps whispering to me that she thinks she feels sad. Spencer is trying to learn enough Japanese so that he can have a meaningful conversation with her about her religion. Then he noticed she bowed her head briefly before she ate lunch today, so when he sat down to eat a few minutes later (it was a casual, go-get-your-own-food-and-come-sit-on-the-deck kind of meal), he clasped his hands together in prayer and bowed his head for a good 30 seconds. I’m not sure if he’s trying to out-do her or convert her. Either way, it’s a lofty goal when we are struggling with simple conversation like, “How was your sleep?” Between the little Japanese I used to know, the Japanese Chloe learned in school this past year, a phrase book and a translation app on my iPhone, we are stumbling along. Yumi will be helping at our church’s day camp this week (with Chloe) and I have no idea how to tell her. I think our best bet is to wake her up tomorrow morning and say, “Put on this red shirt (that helpers have to wear) and come with us.” We have been springing a lot on her: right after we picked her up, we went to Dale’s mom’s for a get-together with the entire family. In the evening, we went to my brother Jim’s for a get-together with my side of the family. The poor girl was probably very overwhelmed. She did have an afternoon nap, which hopefully helped. And today we mostly stuck close to home except for a bike ride to Assiniboine Park to meet up with Dan and Jim & Sabrina, and tonight Dale took all the kids to his mom’s for supper. So I have the whole place to myself. It reminds me of September. 

2.   Dan:  I picked him up from the airport on Wednesday and hung out the rest of the day. We swam at Mike & Darla’s, had supper,* got hit by a cyclist, dropped the kids off for a sleepover at Blake & Kristin’s, hung out at the Fringe Festival, lost the car, ALMOST hit a rabbit, and watched Amazing Race. Who says Winnipeg isn’t exciting. Well, most of that wasn’t quite as exciting as it sounds – the cyclist wasn’t hurt, the car was found, and the rabbit was miraculously spared death. As Pa Ingalls would say, “All’s well that ends well.” Hmm, summing that up with a Little House on the Prairie does not up the excitement quotient (sorry, Sio). 

3.  Dale's sister and her family:  They arrived at 6:00 pm Thursday and by 8:30, they were at Dale's nephew's Fringe show.  Pretty impressive!  Dale's brother-in-law was only here for a couple of days after a very long, frustrating experience, but his sister and kids are here for a couple of weeks.

4.  Chloe:  She arrived home from camp Saturday morning.  Yumi and her beloved cousin Sarah were already here, so she was pretty excited.  By all accounts, camp sounds like it was a success.

5.  Mike & Darla: They arrived home all too soon (just kidding - glad you're home safe), but we took full advantage of their pool this week.  The weather wasn't totally cooperative, but it was warmer in the water than out, so there were only two days we didn't swim.  

And that's all I have to say, except for some random pictures from the week.

chili fries: they taste so much better than they look

*Meat Week continued with a recipe Neve chose: chicken pot pie. I’m pretty sure she’s never had chicken pot pie in her life before so it was a surprising choice. But it was a big hit and everyone loved it – yay, Looneyspoons Collection. As mentioned in the last post, this week we also had burgers from Mrs. Mike’s, and pulled pork for dinner on Friday. Oh, and barbecued chicken at Jim & Sabrina’s yesterday. I admit it was all delicious, but Chloe’s home now and the forecast calls for beans and vegetables.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Yumi!

Is Mike and Darla's pool mosaic? It looks beautiful.

Did you get hit by a cyclist today? My colleague hit a car today on his commute to work. He was happy to be alive.


Anonymous said...

I think it was actually MA who used to say All's Well That Ends Well. And I think any reference to the Ingalls is super exciting!! That being said, there were two other random references to them this weekend! So, all in all, an exciting start to MY week anyway! And if it continues, all will be well that ends well.


I laughed out loud at you waking Yumi up every morning and just telling to come with you. That is too funny. And Spencer outdoing her in his never ending quest to love Jesus the best.

Way to go Chloe on sticking to your vegetarian choices!

Say hi to Dan!!