Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lake / Summer

We spent a few days at my sister’s cottage last week.  It’s a beautiful place right on the water and we are very lucky that they are always so willing to share it with us.  Dale had to work, so the kids and I left Tuesday evening to make it there in time to celebrate the last few hours of Jan’s birthday (good thing, since we brought the cake).  We spent the next few days swimming, tubing, waterskiing (even Neve tried skiing but couldn't stay up), eating, and relaxing.  My parents were there the first night as well.


The jumping rock

Favourite summer meal

Picking blueberries on Blueberry Hill (where else?)

Tia learning to slalom

The girls taught themselves how to do back dives

Since we got home on Friday, we’ve been sticking close to home.  We went to the Fringe Festival a couple of times – my nephew is part of an Improv show called Parking Lots Presents Strangers & Fiction.  It was super entertaining; I admire improv performers immensely.  Spencer saw the show yesterday and loved it so much that he wants to go to every future performance, so if you go, you’ll probably see us there. 

Today has been a funny/odd day, starting with the outfit I chose to wear.  It’s a maternity skirt that I’m wearing as a strapless dress.  Enough said.  I’m not going to take a photo. 

The only time we left the house was to take Spencer to his bari sax lesson.  We didn’t do much of anything, yet I somehow feel productive.  I spent a good part of the afternoon preparing for our foreign student, who arrives on Saturday morning.  She will be taking over Neve’s room and Neve will be sharing Spencer’s room.  So not only did I have to clean Neve’s room, I had to clean Spencer’s as well.  I pictured the kids helping a lot more than they actually did.  They are okay with making their beds and cleaning up their clothes, but when it comes to going through piles of papers and toys and stuff, they are not so useful.  Their groans and whining started to sap me of my motivation and energy, so I released them to their activities of choice.  Neve has been playing with her Build-a-Bears this week, which happens so rarely that I like to encourage it when it does happen.  Those frickin’ bears and their clothing cost more than our RESPs are worth and I don’t feel we’ve gotten our money’s worth yet.  Spencer has taken to reading the Bible, which he occasionally takes a break from to read Tolkien’s The Silmarillion and practice his sax.  I don’t know where that boy comes from. 

After a whole unstructured day, we are a little bored and stir-crazy.  Luckily we have an outing planned for when Dale gets home from work.  We’re going to pick up chilli burgers from Mrs. Mike’s in St. Boniface and have a picnic at Mike & Darla’s pool.  I wish they were home and we could bring them some too.  Since Chloe’s at camp, we’ve been going crazy with meat.  I cracked open a recipe book yesterday for the first time in months and told Spencer I’d make whatever he chose, within reason.  He picked a homemade mac & cheese dish with turkey bacon.  I’m not a fan of bacon, never mind cooking it, but my love for him carried me through.

To summarize, I feel like our summer is on the right track (you may remember our rough start from a few posts ago).  I am reminding myself to relax and enjoy the little moments.  I've been reading Harry Potter (now on the third book).  I've also been working on my computer on the front porch, which has been lovely.  The squirrels and birds concern me somewhat, but I get the kid to come out and sit with me sometimes.  Right now, Spencer is sitting here and reading aloud from Quidditch Through the Ages.  I hope Dale comes home soon.


Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at you wearing a maternity skirt, and at teh part about working on teh front porch. Birds and squirrels - don't hang out with my mom!

Where is your student coming from? Is she staying for a year?

The lake looks awesome. Everyone looked like they were having a great time!

Spencer should sign up for improv classes. My friend Ray (I am sure you have met him - theatre buddy) often runs them or maybe he just volunteers at the school he retired from but I can ask him. It's really fun!


Anonymous said...

I love lake weekends/weeks. Glad to see you enjoyed it.

I am reading "The Borrowers" series this summer as Ben is reading them. They are fun little books. Spencer is way passed reading them, but I bet Neve would like them a lot.


Stephen said...

Is this your first time reading Harry Potter, Ellen?

(I got bored mid-way through the series, since every book was basically just waiting till Harry talked to Dumbledore. Oh. Imagine that... [Sorry, keep reading]).

Shannon Silvestri said...

I have a mat skirt still and suddenly am dying to try it on the top of me!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wore a maternity skirt as a dress to Steve's works formal Christmas dinner once. :)