Sunday, July 21, 2013


I’ve been away from my computer as much as possible lately, so I’m sorry for the blog absence.  If you’ve been out having fun and enjoying summer and haven’t even noticed, disregard my apology.  I'm going to have to back track and do a few catch-up posts over the next few days.  We're planning to be home this whole week and I'm actually looking forward to it, especially since we have the important responsibility of "taking care" of Mike & Darla's pool.  I will not be taking my duties lightly.

We took a little trip to Minneapolis last week (technically the week before last).  We went with Anthony (Teresa’s husband) and Doug & Lorie and all our kids.  I had mixed feelings about the trip: I was looking forward to hanging out with everyone, but was worried about how odd and sad it would be without Teresa there.  Every fall when we were in Grand Forks, the same conversation took place.  Dale would say, “Next year we should go to Minneapolis instead.”  Teresa would tell him, “Sure, let’s do it.  As long as you plan it, we’ll come.”  So we finally did.  I’m not sure if she’d be proud of us for making it happen or mad that we didn’t do it sooner!  She was very much missed, especially when the adults sat around the pool area like we always did in Grand Forks (and any other time we got together).  Teresa was always the one who got us laughing the most and it wasn’t the same without her.  But Anthony and the kids were amazing and they inspired me to have fun too.  I feel like the trip went better than I expected; we had lots of laughs and made some good memories. 

Lego store at the mall

Valleyfair was so much fun.  Dale and I were there many, many years ago and all I remember about that visit was seeing a girl in line at the water raft ride who was wearing overall shorts.  I thought they were the cutest thing I had ever seen and was obsessed with getting some just like hers.  We stopped at every store on the way home from Minneapolis to Winnipeg, but I couldn’t find any.  I continued my quest in Winnipeg and finally found some at The Bay.  I spent way more on them than I ever spent on clothes at that point in our student/meagre-salary days, but I got every penny’s worth out of them. 

This time I didn’t see any fashion trends I couldn’t live without, only rides that terrified me but felt I should go on.  I used to love going on scary rides, but as I grow older and wiser, I don’t really want to anymore.  I did make myself go on the Wild Thing, which is the biggest rollercoaster there.  It was so intense, but I loved it.  I also loved when it was over.  I wish I’d had the nerve to go on the Power Tower (also knows as the Drop of Doom/Mega Drop, etc.) and Steel Venom, but maybe next time …

This is the only ride every single person in our group went on.  Chloe is not a rides girl so she was pretty pleased about it (especially once it was over).

The brave ones going on the Power Tower

The less brave ones going on the Hot Air Balloon ride

Dippin' dots

The post-ride euphoria

The gang

The waterpark - Chloe put her fears behind her (you can see her near the top)

We also went to the Como Park Zoo.  It was a very hot day, so one loop around this cute little zoo was perfect.  The gorillas were our favourite, especially when the gorilla on the other side of the glass jumped up and banged hard on the glass.  We all jumped pretty high.


Another day we took the train downtown and walked aroud a bit.  Some of the kids had never been on any public transportation before, never mind a light rail system.  It appeared to be a good time for all; much silliness and laughter took place, especially with the boys.    

These girls had a blast.  They spent a lot of time shooting a video which I have yet to see.

The kids' table at TGI Friday

The adults' table.  Lorie and I with our "Teresa" drinks.

Just looking at these pictures makes me want to be there again.  Maybe we'll have to make this our new annual thing ...


Daniel said...

My persistence at checking your blog daily has finally paid off!! ;-) I hope you haven't fruitlessly been checking mine as often.

Great recap, and I'm glad you went, and were able to enjoy it, and to honour Teresa's memory.

Neve is absolutely adorable in the dippin dots pic!

Anonymous said...

Whew...I was wondering if you had forgotten how to blog. :)

Lovely pics.

What are dippin dots??


siobhan said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip, Ellen, despite Teresa not being there. I know how difficult that part was for you. I am glad you made some new memories.

I have only been to Valley Fair once and while I was on that roller coaster (one of three rides I went on and since then, the last rides I have been on), the power went out and we had to sit at the top of the ride until they could let us off. Then we had to get out of the car and walk down a huge flight of stairs. And the fashion event of that particular weekend was when Jenn D and I each came out of our hotel rooms wearing the exact same outfit. She went back in and changed.

I wish I still loved rides, too, but I don't. Especially when I read about deaths like the one in Texas over the weekend. No thanks!