Monday, July 01, 2013

No more homework ...

The end of another school year has come and gone.  Neve had a pretty good year; she wasn’t as in love with her teacher this year – especially since she left on mat leave and another teacher finished up the year – but she also didn’t have the anxiety she had in grade one.  She is confident and positive and has some really good friends.  Spencer had a good teacher and good classmates, but his anxiety issues overshadowed a lot of the positives.  His marks were really good and he seems to know a lot, so I think it was a success.  Chloe had a much better year than we expected; we knew changing schools would be a bump in the road, but she did great.  She made some good friends, loved getting involved in Cheer, and was accepted into the IB program for next year.  I’m pretty proud of them all. 

Spencer had the option to switch band instruments for next year.  He doesn’t love band, but since he’s very dedicated to practicing his trumpet, he does okay.  I didn’t think he’d want to switch instruments because it means leaning a whole new instrument, more practicing, and private lessons over the summer.  I was wrong.  He ended up switching to baritone saxophone.  I’m not always the most supportive mother and I’m not musical, so all I was concerned about was that his instrument be small and easy to transport.  When Spencer came home with his new bari sax, I almost lost it.  He was carrying a box as big as a coffin.  I overreacted a little and said things like “we are going to have to build a new room for that thing” and “we can’t carpool anymore because it won’t fit in anyone’s vehicle.”  Except I didn’t say it as calmly as it sounds here – I screamed it while wringing my hands.  I didn’t realize that Spencer was very worried about things until he told me out of the blue, “I love you, Mom” and “Is there anything I can help you with today?”  That brought some perspective back to the situation and after I emailed the band teacher to ask WTH we were supposed to do with that thing and she replied that the only thing that needs to be brought to school is the mouthpiece, I took a deep breath and set about mending my broken relationships.

To celebrate the first day of summer vacation, we went to the Quarry with friends.  After a shaky start when the weather didn't look cooperative, it ended up being a great afternoon.  Even Spencer had a good time (he's not a fan of the beach).  When it was almost time to leave, it started pouring.  That was unfortunate, but it sped up the packing-up, which is never fun anyway.  (Looking for the positive!)

It's amazing how the end of school lightens the load and brings such relief, and somehow when school starts in September, it does the same.  Our summer is fairly unstructured, although it’s slowly getting fuller all the time.  I’m hoping it will be the right mix of free time and fun time (not that free time isn’t fun too).  I’m working most of the summer, so I always worry that I won’t have as much time for the kids as I’d like, plus I also want to make sure I take the time to sit and read and do nothing sometimes.  Here’s hoping for long, sunny, lazy summer days that surpass all expectations!


Anonymous said...

I need another room, Spencer's music box looks perfect! Sorry Ellen I had to chuckle, guess I have all this to look forward to...Have a great summer - look forward to getting together soon. Lisa

Daniel said...

I'm so jealous of Spencer's sax! That's an instrument I would love to learn, if I had a sound-proof room!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha!! What an awesome post!! I love that you are such a real human when it comes to parenting.