Friday, August 02, 2013


Suddenly it’s August.  July is my favourite month of the year - by far - so I’m always sad to see it end.  I have to concentrate hard on the summer-half-full concept rather than summer-half-empty one. 

We’ve (almost) made it through the first week with our exchange student.  She is very sweet, but the communication issues haven’t really improved much.  She seemed pretty exhausted all week which is completely understandable considering jet lag, concentrating on understanding a foreign language all day long, and being at day camp all day.  I was exhausted after day camp too and I don’t have jet lag or foreign languages as an excuse.  We don’t have any really early mornings ahead, which we’re all happy about.

My brother-in-law Bob’s mother passed away quite suddenly on Sunday, after being diagnosed with cancer four days earlier.  Her funeral was yesterday; it was a very nice service celebrating her 86 years of life.  She seemed younger than her age; she always looked perfect and kept up-to-date on everything her grandchildren and great-grandchildren were up to.  She will be missed by many. We are sad for my sister and her family, and any sadness these days makes my grief for Teresa come bubbling up from below the thin surface it hides under.  Sometimes I feel sorry for myself that I’ve lost a dear friend, but mostly it’s sadness for Teresa’s family.  It’s traumatic to lose a mother (or father) at any age, but Teresa’s kids will have to live without a mother for much longer than most people.  Life sucks sometimes.  There are a lot of people who have much more valid things to be sad about than the fact that summer’s half over.  Oops, I mean there’s still half left.

Switching to a happier note, the house is full of children today.  Most are participating in a Harry Potter movie marathon, and the others have been going to the splash pad and playing Barbies.  Chloe stocked up on ridiculous amounts of candy, her cousin Sarah brought more, and Yumi added to the mix by contributing some Japanese candy.  Good times.  Earlier today, Neve came into the study and asked where Bella & Lexie were.  When I told her they were upstairs, she said, “If I was upstairs too, it would be FULL of cuteness!”

We went to my parents’ for dinner on Tuesday with my family.  My niece Sarah came too and the kids (and adults) all had fun enjoying a vereneke dinner and hanging out.  We’re heading back there tomorrow morning for the weekend, so we’re looking forward to more of this:

Happy August Long, everyone.  More than four weeks of holidays left - start making the most of it!  Now!  Go!  


Anonymous said...

well put about hiding under a thin layer. your parents yard looks like an amazing place for everyone to hang out!
-cousin carolyn

Anonymous said...

I think your parents need a tiny house and its inhabitants on that yard!

So sorry to hear about Bob's mom. Years back, my uncle was also diagnosed and then passed a very short time later ( a few weeks). It brings up those thoughts of 'if you had to know, how much time would you want?" It makes you think about life and truly living it and saying what you need to say in the now. And I am sorry it brings fresh emotions about Teresa. Missing someone never gets easier, and nor should it.

Neve and her cuteness - hilarious! Nothing like a good dose of self esteem to get you through the day!

I hope Yumi settles in more and more. Kindness speaks louder than any language, Ellen, so I am sure you are doing just fine.



Anonymous said...

I like all of Sio's comments. :)