Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Final week of summer holidays

Spencer and Neve had dentist appointments this morning. It started off poorly with much whining about getting up early.  I had to wake them up at the unearthly hour of 8:20 a.m.  If this is a sign of how school is going to be, I’m booking a trip for next week or faking an illness that requires hospitalization (am I the only one who views a stay in a mental health facility in a rosy light?).  I grew weary of the complaining (I’m so tired.  My heel hurts.  I have a cramp.  My neck hurts when I turn my head this way.  Why did you make this appointment so early?) as we walked to the dentist, so I played the guilt card.  “I’m sorry that I’m not a better mother and can’t fix your problems and make you happier.”  Things got much better after that. 

I have a recurring problem at my dentist’s office. I always specifically ask them to book the kids’ appointments at the same time with different hygienists, and they never do.  I honestly don’t know how much more clearly I can ask.  Maybe “at the exact same time with different hygienists” means something else in dental lingo.  When I found out today that the kids were scheduled to be seen one after the other, I expressed my displeasure (not to be mistaken with whining and complaining) and suddenly another hygienist was available.  And then I had to be all grateful and thankful, when it was their mistake in the first place.  The upside was that the newly available hygienist is Spencer’s favourite, so he was happy.  Maybe not happy, but less surly than he was before.  And then to top it off, Neve had three cavities.  Until now, Chloe is the only one of my kids who’s ever had a cavity, and that was just last year.  Neve’s cavities are all tiny and all on her baby teeth, but it’s embarrassing.  I admit I am not a tiger mom when it comes to flossing, so I guess that’s going to change.  When the receptionist said, “When do you want to book the appointment to have your daughter’s THREE cavities filled?”, I thought she said it much louder than necessary.  Every head in the waiting room jerked up to stare at the negligent mother who couldn’t be bothered to properly care for her children.  Or maybe they just thought I looked nice so early in the morning.

We’ve reached the point of summer holidays where we start struggling a bit.  We’re all on edge because summer is slipping away and trying to make the most of it.  Unfortunately my definition of making the most of it varies greatly from everyone else’s.   Chloe’s ideal day would involve lots of sleep, and Neve’s would involve re-watching every Amazing Race Canada episode.  Spencer would love nothing better than to sit at home and read all day every day with a little bit of Minecraft thrown in.  He’s become more independent and now goes to the library and the comic book store on his own.  It’s getting harder and harder to limit his reading.   My work really picks up at the end of August, so I’m trying to come up with things for them to do on their own that are educational and productive and don’t involve books or screens.  This morning, after the dentist, I got them to make banana bread and ordered them not to ask me any questions while I worked.  That worked out quite well, so there will be more of that in the days to come.  The only problem is that I’ve already put on a few pounds this summer and don’t really need to be consuming more baking.  But if I have to choose between peace and quiet or gaining a few pounds, it’s an easy choice.


Anonymous said...

If you like you could send your kids over to my house to take my kids on a field trip. Then we can both enjoy some peace and quiet and put on a few more pounds (sadly, I think my pounds are due to my increase in summer beverages...ahem).

I have a love/hate relationship with the last week of summer. My kids are in need of school and it's routine and their friends and things to keep them busy because I've run out of ideas/patience. But, I love summer. I love long sunny days and cool evenings and unscheduled lives and hanging out with friends on decks. Sigh. (And double sigh because we didn't do any hanging out on a deck with you guys).


Daniel said...

Ah, I love the rosy side you choose - both the mental home and the admiring looks in the dentist waiting room - good attitude!

Shannon Silvestri said...

Can I just give a little shout out here to Polo Park Dental? They schedule FIVE of us at the same time. I walk in and don't see my kids again till we are all finished at the same time. It's like a mini vacation. Last week I even got to hold the remote and choose my own show while my teeth got shiny.

Anonymous said...

Love and agree with all of it! I am back at work this week and leaving lists of jobs/activity suggestions for kids. I decided to use technology and I have facetimed them from work to nag them face to face to get their stuff done. In a few months I will be complaining we are too busy and don't have enough free time...the vicious cycle!!
Good luck on the school start up!
-Cousin Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Haha! This was a read out loud to Derrick sort of blog! I too have gained weight this summer. Sunny skies and decks and pints will do that to you and SO WHAT!!! Get in ma belleh!



ps- I love that Carolyn facetime nags her kids!!! Too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Your kids seem to favour similar activities as mine, so if you figure something out to get more fresh air and variety of activities into them, pass along the info!! I think those hygienists are working on commission ;) ~ Janelle