Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Proof that we have tried to make our exchange student happy

These are just some of the things we’ve done since we got home from camping late Saturday afternoon.
  • Laundry & unpacking – most of it is done, but there are various piles of things still sitting in the spot where they will likely remain until September because I have no interest in cleaning them up.
  • Zoo – When we mentioned going to the zoo on Sunday to Yumi, her face lit up with the most expression she has shown in our presence.  It looked like we might have to change our plans when Sunday came with its ominous-looking weather, but luckily the sun came out and we could go.  I was so relieved because I couldn’t wait to do something that Yumi really wanted to do.  It’s been hard to tell if she’s enjoying something (showing expression in her culture is sometimes viewed as immature or rude), so I thought the zoo would be the magic tonic that would shake off all cultural habits and restrictions and transform her into a new, dynamic, spirited merrymaker.  In hindsight, my expectations of the zoo were not realistic.  In reality, I’m not sure if a smile was even cracked.  I don’t think I cracked one either; there’s something about the zoo that makes me hot and tired.  I’ll try to remember that the next time I’m feeling too energetic and peppy – a loop around the zoo will return me to my usual lethargy.  Approximately 80% of the zoo is currently under construction; I’m sure it’s going to be amazing when it’s finished but right now, not so much.
  • Mike & Darla’s – The only thing that kept me putting one foot in front of the other at the zoo was the thought of going to Mike & Darla’s for dinner.  By the time we got there, it wasn’t as hot anymore, but it was still wonderfully refreshing and renewing.  An amazing seafood dinner was followed by Rook, so it was a great evening.
  • The Forks – Yumi leaves on Friday, so we are packing in as many things as we can this week.  We walked around the shops and outside.  I am not one to say anything bad about the heat, but walking around aimlessly with four hot sticky children isn’t the most fun I’ve ever had.  We bought candy at Sugar Mountain then went home.
  • Rainbow Stage – My neighbour Karen and I took the kids to see Mary Poppins Monday night.  It was an awesome night for Rainbow Stage – it can get pretty cool some years, but this time it was hot and muggy and no sweaters were needed.  They did a good job; the sets and everything were amazing.  I don’t think Yumi understood much of it, and to be totally honest, I didn’t understand it all either.  I don’t know why Mary Poppins came and left so often without any explanation.  But I guess if I could fly with an umbrella, I’d seize every opportunity to do so too. 
  • Spa – Kristin, Corinna and I spent a lovely afternoon at Ten Spa yesterday.  We had massages and sat in the steam room and lounged around talking and eating lots of cucumbers and cheese.  I could do that every day.
  • BDI – yet another thing we wanted to squeeze in before Yumi left.  It was such a beautiful day yesterday, but exactly at the ice cream hour, things turned chilly.  We took a little stroll on the bridge but it felt like the wind would pick us up and sweep us into the river, so we went home.
It’s been a whirlwind of tourist attractions, with more on deck.  Having Yumi here has been great for getting us out doing things, but I’ve got to say I look forward to lounging on the couch just chillin’ in my Snuggie. You know, kick up my feet and stare at the fan.  But I’ll also have to eventually do some P90X because we’ve been eating a LOT of ice cream because Yumi loves it.  I work a maternity skirt/dress yesterday; I might have to go shopping at Thyme for a few more things if I keep up my robust eating.
On with my day.  Here’s a parting quote from Neve as she studied my face the other morning: “You’ll probably have gotten your moles removed by the time you have grandchildren so they won’t be freaked out by them.”  (or maybe not.  I might like to be known as "The Mole Grandma.")

oh, and we also started and finished a puzzle


Anonymous said...

I just keep reminding my kids they're 'beauty marks' not moles. :)

Maybe we should have an exchange student come to our house so we will be forced to do fun they like cold damp basements with futons? :P

If Ten Spa is part of the Day Camp kitchen crew, I might just have to sign up next year.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how Darla will feel when she reads this and sees that you complained about dinner not been kept hot for you ;) ?

Are zoos EVER fun? Really.

That would be very challenging entertaining someone who is on the reserved side, but I really do bet she is having a great time. Or not. But you've done your best!

And for me - it's the beer and sushi. I seriously need to lock myself in at home for a week and only eat lettuce.

But not tonight - I seriously checked your blog while waiting for Derrick to be ready to go for sushi! Ha!

Man, WHAT do they put in that stuff to make it so addictive??

I need Yumi!!


Daniel said...

Oh man, your kids come up with the craziest off-the-wall comments!!

I'm sure Yumi must have filled up a couple of diaries by now... Lots of Canadian experiences!