Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rushing River – Year 4

Last week was our fourth annual camping excursion at Rushing River.  Preparing to go camping is one of my least favourite things ever, but since the first three years were Worth It, I overcame my frustration and exhaustion and made it happen.  I have a packing list that I refer to each year but it’s the food and bedding that are my biggest challenges.  I don’t like taking more food than I need, but it’s hard to think of every instance in which butter will be needed.  And I err on the side of packing too much bedding because the thought of being cold all night terrifies me.  We all take our giant wool comforters, which take up a LOT of room.  Every year I try to be more efficient with packing, but every year our van is fuller.  It’s a toss-up between investing time and money in making things more efficient (ie. buying a really good sleeping bag for each person) and just accepting that it’s a once-a-year problem and squishing as many blankets into the van as possible. 

Packing stress aside, it was wonderful.  We had our usual campsite, which is the best campsite in the entire campground – no, make that the entire WORLD.  We had a beautiful view of the lake; just looking at it makes me feel peaceful.  We went with the usual friends who we never get tired of sitting around with, eating and drinking and talking and laughing and chasing away chipmunks that aren’t scared of people.  We canoed, swam, had a picnic lunch on a nearby island, hiked, played in the rapids, and sat around the fire at night.  The boys ran in a pack and loved exploring, the little girls played Barbies from morning to night, and the big girls (Chloe and Yumi) floated around on air mattresses and played Dutch Blitz.  The weather was perfect for camping – hot and sunny, basically no mosquitoes, and the nights weren’t cold (but I’m still glad I brought the extra blankets just in case).   Ironically, the success of camping is only about 1% dependent on the hours spent packing and preparing and 99% dependent on the weather, which I have no control over.  I should write that on my packing list for next year.


Lunch on the island

view of our campsite from the island


The Canoe King

Star gazing


Chloe was not happy when she came out of her tent one morning to find me wearing the same t-shirt.  But she kept it on so I think she secretly liked it.

Barbie's house with a view

Barbie situation in foreground - not sure what's going on here. 

Now the Barbies are swimming


Until next year ...


Anonymous said...

I don't know about Barbie's house with a view...she's still got a rock for bed. :)

Lovely times. Love Rushing River. We went there this year after 4 years at Falcon Lake. Krymusa-palooza V relocated this year and I think it will likely continue at Rushing River now that the kids are older and the drive not so daunting (the other Krymusa kids are younger than ours).

Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

Looks AMAZING, Ellen!! We seriously need to join you one summer. We Love rushing river.

Sleeping bags and sleeping pads - it will make your life easier!! MEC has great stuff. I have never been chilly in my sleeping bag - have definitely been hot, but never chilly. And a good sleeping pad does wonders to keep the cold off you. AND very minimalistic. I am on a minimal kick again. I was all set to buy a big back pack for travel but read an article on packing light and am determined to be able to have a carry on ONLY, as often as possible (easy for Hawaii, not easy for Winnipeg Winter - but we learned our lesson on travelling to Winnipeg in winter so most likely won't fall for that again!).

Yumi must be having SO much fun! Really!! Camping and swimming and eating on islands?? AWESOME!!



Daniel said...

That looks gorgeous! The camping spot does look like the world's Best!

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!! The Barbie house is the reason for the rooftop carrier?!?! Jim