Saturday, August 24, 2013


We said goodbye to our sweet little Yumi yesterday.  We dropped her off at a hotel where she met the rest of the group that she travelled with.  In an unprecedented show of emotion, she started weeping when we said goodbye.  There was a cameraman filming the goodbye process, and I could tell he was giddy at the awesome tear-filled footage he was getting.  I was secretly a little giddy myself; I took it as a sign that she enjoyed the month more than she ever let on.  I think it might be one of those experiences that all parties look back at one day and remember it as more awesome than it actually was.  That being said, we were sad to see her go and will miss her quiet, gentle presence.  Neve took it the hardest; she was sobbing in the van as we drove away.  Once she stopped crying, she was angry at the rest of us for not being sadder and accused us all of hating Yumi.

Speaking of Neve, I think she is ready for a return to routine.  She's been moody and belligerent and nothing pleases her.  You may remember our tradition of celebrating half-birthdays, which I don't like to mention very often because it sounds like something only an anal, perfect mother would do  The way I look at it is that I don't have an abundance of special mother skills like sewing cool Halloween costumes or making fancy Pinterest recipes or crafts, so I thought surely I can let the kids choose what meal they'd like for dinner and call it a half-birthday party.  Neve's half-birthday fell on Thursday and since I was at work all day and we had plans in the evening (plus I had no idea how I'd explain a half-birthday party to Yumi), I asked if we could defer the celebration until the weekend.  She grudgingly agreed.  Neve requested lasagna as her birthday meal, but not just any lasagna - she wanted a custom-made lasagna with macaroni in it (in addition to the lasagna noodles).  Hello, carbs. I'm not a fan of cooking at the best of times, but when I realized how hot and humid it was today, I knew that I didn't want to be anywhere near a stove.  I carefully broached the topic with Neve to see if we could postpone the lasagna until next week.  That displeased her greatly and the rest of the day was spent listening to her complain about how her half birthday wasn't special.  I do feel a little badly that I kept postponing it, but I did give her a giant chocolate and smartie-covered marshmallow on a stick from Morden's Chocolates.  I also made puffed-wheat squares and stuck a candle in in and we sang happy (half) birthday.  Take that, Pinterest moms.

As mentioned, it was super muggy today.  I love that feeling since it's so rare in these parts.  Unfortunately, it also seemed like it could pour at any minute all day long, which kept us from making the most of a hot summer day.  On the positive side, we got a lot of cleaning and laundry done.  Chloe, Neve and I also did a school-supply run to Target, where the half-birthday disappointment continued when I wouldn't buy Neve a top she "loved" even though the only size they had left was too small for her.  That's when I threatened to end the half-birthday tradition forevermore.  Maybe by next year, I'll have forgotten all this and will look back fondly upon half-birthday celebrations of yore.

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joan said...

Bahaha! Oh Neve I love you so much! Hilarious!