Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days of Blogging

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Because fall is so quiet and serene (in opposite world), I’ve decided to make my life a little fuller by participating in a daily blogging challenge for October. Shannon did it last year (and is doing it again) and she inspired me to try it. This 31 day challenge is organized by The Nester, who is a popular blogger about home d├ęcor and things like that. Things I know nothing about, but she has a cute house and a classy blog that’s fun to read.

Participants are encouraged to choose specific themes to write about and share their insights, knowledge or wisdom. The problem is that I have very little of any of those, so I need to keep the bit I do have. There’s no extra to share. Therefore, my primary goal is just to write something every day. To satisfy the theme component, I got my inspiration from the name of my blog. (I love being my own inspiration. I should have a Pinterest board dedicated to things I inspire myself to do. Yeah. It would be empty. I can’t even inspire myself to change the toilet paper roll sometimes.) Nevertheless, I’m going to try to write about things that are Worth It for the next thirty-one days. It’s a nice broad topic, so I can basically write about anything I want and insert a “worth it” in there somewhere.

Click here (or at the top of the post) for Day One.


Anonymous said...

dare i say...

Challenge ACCEPTED.

(now press SEND, Sio. No, really. Go for it. Press send.You can do it. Come one. A little closer. Closer. Clooooserrr....)

L said...

haha, awesome, Sio!! You're committed now - no backing out!