Saturday, September 28, 2013

Catching up

It's been raining for about twelve hours straight.  We haven't had many rainy days lately, so it's been a cozy, inside day.  I had to drive the kids to their activities: Chloe had her bronze cross class (she passed - yay!), Spencer had fencing, and Neve had gymnastics, but other than that, I've slept, read the paper, and spent a large amount of time organizing my digital photos. I came across a bunch of pictures that I meant to post on here, so if you just love looking at other people's pictures, today is your lucky day.

Going back to June, here are some pictures I took of the kids' school work.

Neve writing about her Pippi hair on crazy hair day

Maybe they should go back to the fractions unit

A story Spencer wrote.  No idea what the assignment was.

This is at Rushing River.  The girls wanted their hair braided together.  They walked all around the campground bound together.

And lots of random pictures:

The haircut

Trip to the Quarry with Jenn, Aimee and Jack

Bailey at my parents' house

The girls dressing up

On the September long weekend, we split our family up into gender groups and had a little bonding day.  Spencer wanted to see Manitoba's second largest city, so Dale and Spencer took a day trip to Brandon.  Dale uncharacteristically documented the day in great detail.  Here are just a few of the pictures he took.

My favourite is the one of Spencer getting his blood pressure checked.  Good times in Brandon.  Not pictured is the Art Gallery, Five Guys, the provincial building, the health authority building, and many others.  They were trying to make it look like they had more fun than us girls, but they failed.  While they were here:

... we biked to High Tea Bakery for cookies ...

... went to Polo Park for a 7-hour shopping spree, with a stop at Tutti Frutti ...

Some of our purchases

 ... dressed up and went to Earl's for dinner.

 The guys can't compete with that.

Picnic at the park with my family

Bike ride to High Tea Bakery with Darla and Emma Kate

My recovery station when I fainted while donating blood.

Dale at a Vikings game last weekend - fulfilling a life-long dream

Neve on her way to school. 

Okay, I think we're up to date.  Thank goodness for the odd rainy day.

I've decided to participate in a daily blog challenge for October, so if you're looking for something to waste a few minutes every day, check back here on Tuesday.  If you've got a blog and want to do the same, feel free to join me.  Misery loves company.


Anonymous said...

This was fun!!!

And did nothing to encourage me to become a blood donor.

I love the bonding day photos - yours definitely looked more fun, but I have no doubt D and S had a great day together.

And great to see all the daycare kids back together!



Daniel said...

Your blog is like a box of chocolates! ;-)

Those kids' stories are awesome - "My hair hurt some people", and "a face that looked like a shriveled foot - in other words, she looked buitefull." And what an ending! "A little off topic"? I can't imagine what the topic was!

Anonymous said...

For the sake of time management, I will agree with all the above comments as I also wanted to comment on those parts.

And to add...I love Neve livin' the thug life on the way to school.

And, woo hoo for Dale going to a Vikings game! Awesome.

And, oh yeah, I think it's awesome that Chloe still plays dress up with Neve. Love it.

And finally, Congrats Chloe on your Bronze Cross!