Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sort-of sick day

September continues to plow along at full steam.  In fact, I saw it crossing Academy today.  Neve woke up with a very mild cold this morning and wanted to stay home from school.  Work has been so busy, but today was a little lighter so I let her stay home.  We walked to Starbucks and had to wait to cross the tracks for the Prairie Dog Central, which was headed to the Forks for a special event.  Usually our trains are of the boring variety, except for the colourful graffiti.
Doesn't she look sick?
Later in the afternoon, we saw it on its way back.  All the neighbours were out.  You wouldn't think us track dwellers would get so excited about a train.
Neve has been giving me a hard time about working so much.  She asks why I can't be like her friend's mom who doesn't have an outside job.  I make up something about how my work is a creative outlet and how much I'd miss it, when really it's just for the money (okay fine, it's a bit of both).  Whatever the case, when she asked if I'd play Monopoly this afternoon, I couldn't say no.  I lobbied for Monopoly Junior but alas, she wanted the full-out long version.  With a large fuzzy pink dice.  On the plus side, it was the electronic credit card version, which was actually kind of cool.  We didn't finish, so I suspect I'll be playing again if Neve catches me at a weak moment.  It reminds me of the Monopoly games Jim, Rob and I used to play for weeks.  Good times.
Neve's last soccer game was on Monday.  She isn't the most aggressive player, but she improved a hundred fold by the end of the season.  She even scored a couple of goals, which of course I never saw because I was talking to someone. I love soccer but neither Chloe or Spencer were particularly interested in it.  I'm pinning all my hopes on Neve.

The weather has been so beautiful lately.  Even though it's been warm and sunny, there is no mistaking that it's fall.  The air has a different feel to it and the days are short.  Chloe has Cheer practice until 8 p.m. twice a week, so she's been biking home in the pitch darkness.  Dale and I went for a walk around 8:30 tonight, and people looked at us suspiciously from the safety of their homes.  But the good part of early darkness is that Neve was in bed before 8:00 tonight.  Must be because of her illness.


Daniel said...

Very cool that you got to see the train on its way down-town! It was 'worth it' having a sick day.

Daniel said...

Oh, and I'm a bit confused by the three colours out on the soccer pitch!

Anonymous said...

Nevey looks very sick. Sick enough to have an awesome Mommy and Me day!