Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The school bell tolls for thee

Today was that blessed day when we send the children off to school with new USB memory sticks and Sharpies and Kleenex boxes and cheques.  I have no idea what they do with half the stuff, but it’s a small price to pay for no one interrupting me and asking for crazy things like lunch or clean clothes.  I talk tough; in reality, I have mixed feelings about back-to-school time.  I love pretty much everything about summer very, very much: the heat, the holidays, the lack of routine, and having the kids home with me.   The older they get, the easier they are to have around.  They’re all pretty independent and are quite happy to entertain themselves all day.  Therein lies the problem: their entertainment consists of a lot of screen time and books and not enough playing and running and breathing fresh air.  I limit their screen time to one hour a day (in theory), so I spend a lot of time forcing them to do activities they don’t want to do, which is fun for no one.  As sad as I am to see the summer holidays end, I’m not sorry to hand that problem over to the teachers.  Chloe and Spencer have been studying the periodic table of elements this past week – Spencer even took a periodic table book out of the library – so I’d say they’re ready for some formal learning. 

They might say otherwise, but my children were actually all pretty excited about the first day of school.  Neve carefully choose her outfit and accessories the night before, and even Spencer saved a new t-shirt we bought in Minneapolis for the first day of school.  Chloe dressed up nice and did her hair and nails and everything.  When she got home, she said that high-schoolers apparently don’t do the new-back-to-school-clothes thing, but she didn’t seem to care that she was the only one dressed up.  I love that about her.  All the kids started school at different times, so I couldn’t coordinate a group photo until after school.  I'll post the official ones later; here's a partial shot.  Nobody here slept that well last night so it's an early bedtime all around.


Anonymous said...

Spencers shirt is awesome!!! Jim

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh - SO adorable!!! Well, 2 of them anyway. Where is Nevey???


Anonymous said...

Oh Spencer, such a great back to school shirt. I'm sure his teachers were lovin' it. :)

I hear your mixed feelings and second them.


joan said...

Love Spencer's shirt, and Chloe is so beautiful! Need to see Neve's back to school pic too!
I also had mixed emotions when it was time for the boys to go back to school....summer is always much too short...