Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yard Sale 2013

It's a rockin' Saturday night at our house.  Dale, Spencer, and my niece Amy are playing Risk, Chloe's doing homework, Neve's in bed, and I've spent most of the evening trying to solve all my computer problems.  I fixed one of them - the sound wasn't working on my iPhone unless I used headphones - by inserting a Q-tip into the headphone jack.  If only all my problems were so easily solved.  I'm trying to merge all the user accounts on our iMac to just one main account, which involves moving over iTunes and iPhoto libraries.  Google has been working overtime trying to help me, but I'm struggling.  First world problems.

We had a yard sale this morning.  I'm not in love with the yard sale thing, but we had accumulated a fair amount of stuff, and the kids always have fun hanging around with friends and neighbours, selling lemonade and brownies.  By selling, I mean eating and drinking.  Sabrina and the girls joined us and we had a fairly steady stream of customers.  I sold a bunch of little things, but the highlight was selling two old computers that had been sitting in our basement for many moons.   My new neighbours bought one of them, which is unfortunate because I prefer to sell crap to strangers.  Actually my second highlight was meeting two sets of new neighbours.  And by new, I mean one couple has lived across the street from us for a couple of years and this was the first time I talked to them.  We also met the guy who's flipping the house next door.  And by flipping, I mean doing the most unhurried house renovation ever.  I've only seen him working there two or three times in the four months since he took possession.  Dale mentioned the dire need for a new fence, which Flip Guy said he would do in the spring.  Spring is a long time away.  I was under the impression that time is not usually on your side when flipping houses, but maybe he doesn't watch HGTV.  Anyway, he seemed like a nice guy and we are quite content being neighbourless.  Back to the yard sale, the weather started off nice but declined to the point of pouring rain by 11:30.  We were planning to end around 1:00 anyway, so I guess it just sped up the clean-up process.  Our 150 minutes resulted in a profit of $75 (not counting what Sabrina made, or the $20 of other people's stuff that was sold).  The children and I are still in negotiations about what percentage will be donated to charity.  And by children, I mean the 8-year-old. Dale took most of the leftovers to Salvation Army already, so our house is feeling a lot lighter than it was yesterday.

For reasons that were not explained to me, Chloe decided to dress up like a princess, go through the backyard and walk around the block to surprise Neve, Bella, and Lexie.  Here she is coming up the sidewalk.   

The girls watching with curious delight:

It's coming closer ...

And here she is, pretending to be a lost princess.

I doubt that happens at most yard sales.


Daniel said...

Haha! Love the Lost Princess appearance! I'm sure a lot of garage sales would benefit from a bit of theatre like that. And by benefit, I mean rescue from boredom. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Princesses? Brownies and lemonade? Cousins? You DO have the best yard sales.


joan said...

Baha! Just love it...especially the lost princess!!