Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 10

I'm cutting it close today... I've got 15 minutes to write something meaningful. I guess I'll leave the meaningful writing for someone else, and just aim for something.

My guests arrived today.  My friend looks exactly the same as she did 20 years ago.  Her and her friend are hilarious.  They love laughing and joking around and seem very happy to be here.  Their English is really good, which is a nice change from our summer exchange student.  They find everything interesting and are so polite and complimentary, which is awesome for the ego.  We had dinner at home (I served them pasta with the homemade marinara sauce - I couldn't really tell the difference between bought stuff and homemade, but I sensed the wholesomeness) and then went to my sister's for my niece's birthday.  The ladies had been up since 4 a.m. so I didn't know if they would want to come, but there was no hesitation.  Other family was there as well, so it was loud and crazy but they loved it.  I'm looking forward to showing them around and hanging out with them the next couple of days.

Time is almost up; it was a busy, exhausting day from morning to night, but it was definitely Worth It.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing!! I can feel the fun from here - I'm serious!!