Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 14

Sometimes my expectations for long weekends are too high.  About a week before a long weekend, anytime I think of a task that needs to be done or when the children ask me for something, I say, "I'll do that on the long weekend." Help Chloe with her school project?  Long weekend.  Do a craft with Neve that she got for birthday in February? Long weekend.  Finish the Harry Potter series? Long weekend.  Of course by the end of a long weekend when zero of those things have happened, I realize there are the same number of hours in a day on the weekend as during the week. 

But good news!  This weekend was different.  Because we had guests, I had no expectations of doing anything productive all weekend.  Even though they left Sunday morning, we had Thanksgiving dinners on Sunday and Monday, so I knew there wouldn't be much leisure time.  But I didn't realize our dinner today wasn't until 5:00, so suddenly I had a whole free day.  I slept in, read, went for a run, helped Chloe with her project, watched Neve perform a dance, did my summer/winter clothes exchange, tidied up and did some laundry.  I also did some delegating: Dale and the kids raked the front and back yard. 

Neve wanted to come home early after our family dinner tonight.  She's going through a phase where her tummy is upset every evening and she's worried she'll throw up.  She gets very nervous if she goes to bed too late; if she thinks it's late, she doesn't want us to talk about what time it is.  These little anxieties are frustrating because it's impossible to reason with her, but it's sort of worth it because bedtime is very fast and easy these days.  All we need to say is, "Look at the time!" and she's under the covers.  Anyway, her and I came home early, which allowed me to get a bunch of stuff done for work so I feel better prepared for the week ahead.  And that's a good thing, because for the last week, I've been thinking of all the things I need to do and saying, "I'll do that next week."

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Anonymous said...

Haha! Poor Nevey. But anything that makes an easy bedtime is worth it indeed!!

Will you be sad to see Baby Scout go home?