Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 15

When I went to wake Chloe up this morning, baby Scout was in Chloe’s bed for one last snuggle (as much as you can snuggle a rock hard plastic doll).  The doll was actually pre-programmed to shut off automatically yesterday morning.  With past participants, it hasn’t always turned off when it was supposed to, so Chloe was hoping with all her heart that would be the case again.  Alas, her baby cried at around 10:30 a.m. yesterday for the last time.  She still held it and carried it and took it wherever we went because “what if it starts crying and no one’s there?” She was pretty heartbroken about giving it back today, and said her arms felt so empty now.  (Incidentally, today happens to be Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. There is no comparison of course, but at least it made Chloe realize things could be worse.)  But I think the silver lining was a good solid sleep last night, which makes everything better. She was looking pretty haggard the last couple of mornings.

Besides gymnastics and Drivers Ed right after school today, tonight was a rare night with no activities, and all of us were home all evening. It was a nice treat, but I kept feeling like I was forgetting something. No one phoned in a panic asking where I was, so I think it all worked out. Neve was delighted because in addition to her going-to-bed-late anxiety, she also prefers that I don’t leave the house after I tuck her in. That’s going to pay off in winter when I don’t want to go out anyway; I’ll use it as an excuse so that Dale will have to drive the other kids around or do errands.

I’m having trouble coming up with a way to insert “Worth It” into my post today. I’ve spent a lot of time working today, so my mind isn’t in peak form by this point. The best I can come up with is that we ate sketchy leftovers for supper but it was Worth It because now the fridge is a lot emptier. How about some audience participation … if you can think of something in your day that was worth it, feel free to share it in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I got nothing.


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog os always Worth It.


Shannon Silvestri said...

Awww. Siobhan. I think you are aiming for a prize. ;)

Wiping up iced tea from all over the counter after having a tea party with Cate was WORTH IT.


L said...

There should have been a prize! You're all winners.