Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 16

There was one thing today that was not Worth It and one that was.

Not Worth It: I was interviewed by a TV station at the mall today. They didn’t really ask if they could interview me, they just started asking questions. I was too polite to say ‘no thank you’ and walk away, so instead I took the stupid road and made a potential fool of myself for the whole city to see. The story was about Ottawa’s announcement that they want to equalize prices between US and Canada, so they asked me some questions about cross border shopping. I don’t know if they even aired my interview - we PVR’d the 10:00 news just in case but I haven’t checked yet. I am not a fast-on-my-feet thinker, so my speaking was filled with ums, stuttering and contradictions. A spokesperson I will never be.

Worth It: I sat on a hard bleacher in Chloe’s school gym for 75 minutes tonight, listening to an endless stream of students’ names and clapping as they got awards. It’s a big school and there were lots of awards. Chloe got one for Honour Roll (except they call it Kappa Sigma) and an Excellence Award for Family Studies. Seeing how much she loved her baby, that’s hardly surprising. (Actually these awards were for last year, which was pre-baby.) It was a long time to sit but I was proud of Chloe and they served cookies after. Plus I got to see what all the cool kids are wearing these days.


Daniel said...

Cool, you got cookies, and didn't even have to give blood! ;-)

Way to go Chloe!

Stephen said...

What are the cool kids wearing?

Also, solidarity on the "not a fast-on-my-feet thinker" front.

Anonymous said...

I second the solidarity!! And the cookies without donating blood!!

Way to go, Chloe Hannah!!


Anonymous said...

What are the cool kids wearing these days...?
Cause if they ain't dressed like Arthur Fonzarelli (The Fonz), then they ain't cool. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.