Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 19

I'm a few minutes late today but it still counts. I can make up my own rules. I'm blogging from my phone for the first time ever - it's a bit awkward but It's worth it because I am all cozy in bed instead of sitting at the computer. 

It was a nice relaxing Saturday. I got a bunch of little things done like fixing Neve's school bag and sewing on buttons. Neve is the Star of the Week at school next week so I was helping her get stuff ready to bring for show the class. That was way more stressful than it should have been but we eventually worked it out. For some reason most of the things she wants to bring are related to our summer exchange student - pictures of her, gifts she gave us and cards she sent us. I tried to tell Neve that Yumi was not the Star of the Week but that was pointless. 

Chloe was delighted to learn that she could take a baby home from school again this weekend. There was an extra one that no one was using so she asked if she could take it home. This time it's just for fun since she was marked on the last one, but Chloe is taking it just as seriously. Her friend has a baby this weekend too so they got the babies together for a play date today. They even took them to Starbucks. Chloe always was a doll girl so she's pretty thrilled she gets to play dolls again. 

My highlights were going for coffee with friends while Neve was at gymnastics, going for a walk with Dale, and having Mike and Darla over for a couple of games of Rook tonight. I won one and lost one. Can't win em all.  


Anonymous said...

I feel pretty happy with that score sheet. Especially the second game. :) Thanks for very fun time!


Anonymous said...

I want to play Rook with you guys.

Anonymous said...

Darn it! did you not get my comment that I typed out on my phone??

I don't really remember what I wrote. But thanks for accommodating my request for more negativity!! Woot!!