Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Day 2 - raising well-rounded children or juvenile delinquents?

Welcome to the challenge, Sio and Stephen! Any others? Dan…?

One day down, thirty to go. What was I thinking? Fall is always busy, but it feels even crazier this year. Somehow the kids have gotten themselves over-scheduled with their extra-curricular activities. This is unusual since none of them are passionate about sports and they all like their home time, but this year they each have multiple activities they wanted to do. I’m turning into one of those parents who complain about how busy their life is, rushing around to drive my kids here and there. I don’t want to be that parent. Often when those parents complain, they’re actually bragging. When they say, “Oh, and NOW they’ve asked Bobby to play for the provincial/national/world team, which means we’ll be even busier!” they actually mean, “Look how talented and superior my kid is! And how awesome I am for passing on my winning genes!” Sometimes I feel like not letting my kids do any extra activities just so I can tell parents like that (when they ask in a patronizing way what my kids are enrolled in): “Oh, we’re taking a break from everything right now and just spend our evenings playing board games and doing crafts with felt.” I have no idea what that would prove to anyone. Besides, if my kids were elite athletes, I’m sure I would “complain” about it too. The activities they’re doing are all very recreational and relaxed, and things they really want to do (except Neve’s gymnastics, which I had to “encourage” her to do this year. That’s only because Chloe regrets that I didn’t make her continue gymnastics when she wanted to quit. Not sure if I am learning from my mistakes or just making different ones.)

Fortunately all of the activities are close to home and even then, we carpool to several of them. But it still means we’re not all home for dinner at the same time any weeknight except Friday, and even then it’s dicey because Happy Hour(s) sometimes lasts until the evening. Not eating dinner together as a family is in every what-not-to-do parenting article ever. On top of the stress of being busy, I’m now scared my children have a greater chance of ending up in prison or addicted to drugs, or both. But they’ll be able to fence and do a back walkover (not at the same time), which is bound to impress their fellow inmates. And that makes it Worth It.

Two of my superstars


Anonymous said...

It looks like one of your superstars is teasing the other!!

I realise I am BUSY because I am useless at time management and sleep in every day, trying to cram all accomplishments into three hours in the evening - most of which are spent playing Scrabble on FB.



Anonymous said...

Solidarity, Ellen. Solidarity. I hear every word of this blog.

Hang in there.

Daniel said...

Thanks for the encouragement L, but I'm going to sit this one out, and do crafts with felt. I'm thinking that your kids are clever and creative enough that they won't end up in jail. Even if they do choose a life of crime.

Stephen said...

Hehe. This was (still is) a funny post.
I should mention that I don't use the linked-to address for my blog anymore because I was getting visited by some server in Russia every day. That made me uncomfortable.
So, if you want to know, the new address is ssbekry but you don't have to link to it, just letting you know :)