Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 23

The condition of our street has been rough as long as I can remember.  In the last couple of years, it got so bad that everyone in the whole city avoids it if at all possible.  The city filled the potholes from time to time, but it was like a band-aid.  Not a professional first aid kit quality band-aid; the cheap, no-name kind that doesn't even stick to your skin in the first place.

Suddenly yesterday morning - with no warning - there was heavy equipment and city workers on our street.  They roughed up the street with some kind of pavement cutter blades (not sure what the technical term would be) and then they came back today to pour new asphalt.  By 5:00 p.m. today they were done and we now have a brand new, smooth, pothole-free street. 

It's weird that we had to suffer through so many bad, car-destroying years when it could all be fixed in 16 hours.  And that's counting lunch.  It makes me think this might be the good quality band-aid.

In other news, I started volunteering as a library lady at Spencer's school.  I've been very un-involved with volunteering the last few years, so I thought I better seize the opportunity to be close to Spencer while I can.  I told him I'd come to his class and call, "Spency!  Mommy's here!  Big hug!"  He pretended to believe that I was joking, but I could tell by the look in his eye that he wasn't totally sure.  I wish I had videoed the look on his face when he saw me in the doorway of his classroom.  But all I said was, "Here's some money if you want to buy something at the bake sale today."  He took it and ran.  I didn't even get a little hug.  But it was Worth It.


Daniel said...

Haha! Awesome.

Anonymous said...

16 hr bandaid. Thank you, City of Winnipeg. I'll be interested to see how well the road holds up. You'll have to post an annual picture during the blog challenge.