Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 24

There's a show on Family channel that Neve loves called Next Step.  It's all about a dance school and the drama that unfolds between its dancers.  It's a nice, family-friendly show that I actually look forward to watching with her.  When we heard from Darla that the cast of the show was coming to town, we instantly cleared our calendar.

Tonight was the big night.  I rushed home from work, picked Neve up, and off we drove to a mall clear across the city to see our heroes.  A lot of other people had the same idea.  When we got there, we couldn't even see the stage.  I tried sending Neve up to the front, but people were so jam-packed that she couldn't get through.  Despite repeated announcements asking adults to move to the back so that the children could see, this didn't happen.   So the only people that could see were the people sitting on the floor in front of the stage and the adults at the front of the standing crowd.  If I had been running this event, I would have done it differently.  And by differently, I mean better.  I finally pushed Neve towards the front of the crowd with strict instructions to squeeze through and say "Excuse me" to the adults and even tap them if they didn't hear her.  Then I lost sight of her for the next half hour.  I had no idea if she made it to the front or if she was squashed or trampled by the bully adults who insisted on standing in front.  At one point there was a ripple in the crowd and word got out that a girl had passed out near the front.  The least aggressive security guard ever finally shuffled over and by the time he got through the crowd, I believe the girl had recovered.  I think he was pretty relieved about that.

When the show ended, Neve emerged from the crowd.  She was hot from being so crowded, and disappointed because she hadn't seen much of the show.  On the up side, she met two friends from school so at least they were together.  She said one of her friends had tried to move around to see better when an adult told her, "You have to move.  I can't see."  I wish I'd been there to address that situation.

As we walked out of the mall, I moved to put my arm around Neve to try to console her and help her come to terms with the fact that things were not as she imagined they would be.  But I guess I moved too fast and wild, because I ended up hitting her hard in the eye.  She started crying but I couldn't keep myself from bursting out laughing because it was all a bit nightmare-ish.  Her eye was red for a while but it got better.  And later when I asked her if going to the mall was worth it, she said, "Maybe."  All things considered, that's not bad.  I'll settle for a maybe.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahah!!! Why are you so mean to Nevey???



Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at that final paragraph!! Sorry Neve. Jim

Anonymous said...

This post created much happiness in our house!


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