Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 25

I didn't blog yesterday, but I have a really good reason.  I totally forgot.  I seriously didn't think of it once yesterday.  I've just proved the person wrong who said it takes 21 days until you form a habit.  Sorry to discourage you if you're trying to develop a new good habit, but you're going to have to work at it a little longer.

The reason I forgot is that my sister and I took our girls to Grand Forks, so I was out of my usual routine.  We only went for one night, but we left early yesterday morning and got back around 8:30 tonight so it was two pretty full days.  We had a really good time shopping, eating, swimming, playing, laughing, saying yes to the dress, and popping lots of raspberry m&m's.  I got a little start on my Christmas shopping which feels good.  I'd like to keep the momentum going and finish by December 1st.  I'm also going to try to simplify and downsize my Christmas shopping, which I say every year but never happens.  

Spencer was invited too, but I had to create awareness about how much shopping he'd be forced to do with us before and after hotel check-in/out.  To say he hates shopping is a huge understatement, so he opted to stay home.  Dale worked both Friday and Saturday, so the boy stayed home by himself both days, all day.  I should probably feel hurt that he preferred that to being with me, but I'm actually relieved.  Dale's mom checked in on him, and in the evening Dale and him went for burgers and watched a movie, so it worked out for everyone.

So I got my Grand Forks fix, and because it was so different from our usual annual weekend there, (different hotel, different people, different dynamic), it all worked out better than I expected.  Hopefully it will be a new annual thing.  Thanks Jan for inviting me and making the arrangements - you're the best.

Playing Heads Up

Neve was in her glory and proud to be part of the girls weekend



We stayed at the Sleep Inn, which was new and nice.  We're hoping to be the Guests of the Day next time.


Daniel said...

Aww, good fun! Love the yoga pic!!

Anonymous said...

2 things. No - 3:

1 - Can you believe Spence is old enough and responsible enough to be home by himself now???

2 - blog schmog. Just do what you can (this from the worst habit creator EVER)

3 - I am sure I do not need to tell you which photo is my favourite...


Anonymous said...

AS IF you weren't 'Guests of the Day'. :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time! I should've asked dale out for dinner. Jim