Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 27

For far too long, I have had zero interest in doing any projects around the house or yard.  I just can’t seem to muster the energy or passion needed to even start a project, never mind finish one.  But I miss the feeling of working towards a goal, using some skills, and feeling some pride in what I’ve accomplished.

Shortly after I painted the bathroom in January, some of the paint started to ripple on the wall near the ceiling. It looked like the effects of moisture, but the wall and ceiling felt dry, so I attributed it to some unexplained phenomenon.  There are a lot of those around here.  We didn’t fix it right away just in case it got worse, but ten months later, it still looks the same.  I was tempted to leave it like that for another year or three just to make sure, but this morning I suddenly found myself standing on a stool in the bathroom, sanding away the paint bubbles. I thought I’d quickly sand it, prime it and paint it in short bursts throughout the day and be done by suppertime. 
Best picture ever.  Feel free to use this as your desktop background if you want. 
Let me know if you want the high res version for enlargements.

But of course, things are never that easy.  Despite many layers of paint in the bathroom, when I started sanding, it instantly sanded down straight to the bare plaster.  There was no sign of previous paint colours. I thought that was weird. After much sanding, there was still a significant ridge where the plaster ended and the paint began.  That means I have to even it out.  I have lots of mud, but I needed a putty knife.  The only one I could find was a giant one, so after a fair amount of time searching for a smaller one, I finally decided it would take less time to go buy a new one.  So I bought a new one, brought all the mudding and painting supplies to the bathroom and will try again tomorrow.  Maybe if I can muster even an ounce of energy, I will put a layer of mud on tonight so I can sand first thing in the morning.

In the midst of work and everything else, I managed to bake Halloween cookies. I like to build up the children’s sugar intake slowly so that they’re ready for the deluge of treats they get on Halloween. I only want what’s best for the children.  My mom always made these cookies on Valentines Day and Halloween, so that’s what I try to do.  They’re chocolate roll-out-the-dough/cookie cutter cookies and the best part is the icing.  To make it orange, my mom added some orange Kool-aid powder, which makes it all tangy and zippy.  You either love it or you hate it and I fall very squarely in the first category.  I feel like I’ve written this before.  That’s basically what this blog has become … re-writing the same things over and over.  Luckily none of us are getting younger, so we’ve all probably forgotten anyway.

I have quite likely written this before too, but Dan’s comment in the last post about going trick-of-treating reminded me of the one time Jim and I went to our elderly neighbours.  They had never heard of Halloween, which seems odd in hindsight, since we went there every year.  We didn’t have that many neighbours so we had to literally walk for miles - always in bitterly cold wind - to get maybe three mini chocolate bars, a couple of apples and a pack of raisins.  I’m not exaggerating. Anyway, we had to explain to these seniors that they were supposed to give us candy.  Since they didn’t have any, they gave us each a bowl of ice cream instead.  We had to sit at their table, making small talk in our pillowcase ghost costumes while eating a bowl of cold ice cream before heading back into the dark, icy weather to continue our elusive quest for candy.  Despite all our hardships, there was never a question that it was Worth It.


Anonymous said...

ahahahhahahah...your ice cream story is awesome!


Daniel said...

Hah! Ice-cream is a great halloween treat!

At least they didn't freak out like the unfortunate children with heart conditions who lived near us in Steinbach, who'd never heard of halloween either. I still feel bad about them.

Anonymous said...


The ice cream story is hilarious (as is teh point/sand/mud supply story). But i am going to need Dan to elaborate on the Steinbach children with heart conditions??? (Although funny - I think I actually DO know that story! Dan - Did you tell it to me on the front porch of the west 13th house last year?)



Daniel said...

Yup Sio, that's the one. (disclaimer: Details may change with retelling)

Anonymous said...

I am clearly old and have forgotten about the ice cream Halloween treat. Haven't forgotten about walking miles in the cold though! Jim

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