Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 28

Tomorrow was supposed to be my last day of blogging, but I've missed two days, so I guess I'll continue until I've done all 31 posts just to feel some sense of accomplishment.

It was a busy day from start to finish.  I tried to fit in more than I should have, but it mostly worked out.  My sister and I went to my parents later in the afternoon and stayed for supper.  I don't remember ever doing that before without taking the kids, but it was fun and we're hoping to do it more often.  We cut out lots of denim squares from old jeans so that someone (not me) can sew them into blankets.  I bet that's something none of you did today (except Janet).

When I got home, I painted the spot I patched in the bathroom (will discuss that further another day), carved pumpkins, cleaned up, helped Chloe with her costume, and a million other things.  The pumpkin carving was a bit of a bust this year.  Neve was the only one who was interested.  She decided she wanted an X and O game carved into her pumpkin.  I don't know how that's connected to Halloween; I think it was the first thing that popped into her head.  I had my own little pumpkin to carve, so I jumped on the pumpkin-drilling bandwagon with limited success.  Will try to post pics tomorrow.  

I don't remember Halloween falling on a Thursday before, although scientifically speaking, it must have.  That means I'll go into work, so I'm still debating what kind of costume to wear.  I'm leaning towards 80s bridesmaid, possibly with a zombie twist.  I'm not sure if anyone else at work will dress up, so that could go horribly wrong.  Whatever - YOLO.  (I'm not normally into acronyms-of-the-moment, but Chloe will be mortified that I said YOLO, so it's worth it.)


Anonymous said...

I had to ask Steve what YOLO was. He knew...of course.

I want to see your costume and your pumpkins. Please.


Anonymous said...

Ditto to Sheri-Lee's whole comment except I had no Steve to ask so had to Google that.


Daniel said...

You've gotten great mileage out of that bridesmaid dress!

I love the enjoyment you get out of embarrassing your kids (or threatening embarrassment). I'm glad Mom didn't do that too much!

Anonymous said...

I am not embarrassed... Very much. At least you used it correctly