Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 29

Grumpy old lady
Another Halloween has come and gone.  Our Halloween friends came over for pizza and then the kids set forth on their candy quest.  I went out with Neve and her friend for a bit, but then Chloe and her friend took over, so it was the first year I wasn’t outside the whole time.  I was looking forward to handing out candy and seeing the neighbour kids, but we had less than 20 kids.  It was such a nice night; no one needed big jackets or boots or hats, so I’m surprised there weren’t more kids.  But all of ours had fun and there are mountains of candy to prove it. 
Chloe's school costume: Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's

After-school photo shoot

Granny gets feisty

Granny is angry

Granny is incredulous


Granny is cantankerous

The first wave.  Spencer is the ninja. I only have one picture of him because he doesn't have the patience to pose for pictures.

The second wave. They are not as disguised as well as I would have liked. They got a couple of comments that they were a bit old to be trick or treating, but one person also told them not to stop.  Chloe thought maybe next year she won't wear something with the name of her high school on it.  But it was worth it for the candy.

Neve's x and o game, and my drilled-dot creation

Spencer finally decided how he wanted his pumpkin carved: with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. 
Guess who went to We Day?

Chloe's pumpkin with a  carrot nose
I emailed the receptionist at work yesterday to ask if any of the staff were dressing up for Halloween today.  As mentioned yesterday, I don’t remember working on Halloween before, but I know there are always a few people who wear costumes. The receptionist replied that yes, some people were dressing up.  When I got to work today, I found out that one of my co-workers had told her to tell me that as a joke.  Well haha, the joke was on him because I got to dress in jewel-tone teal satin and he didn’t.  I got up early this morning and put much effort into dressing up like an authentic 80s bridesmaid. I wore the same dress I wore to Jim’s 40th birthday party (the one my bridesmaids wore - who knew that dress would get this much use almost 25 years later?).  So it was great fun all around when I was the only one at work to show up in a costume.  I had brought extra clothes in case my snug dress burst at the seams or got too uncomfortable, but it was way too much fun being dressed up.  I made my trickster co-worker go with me when I went out in public to buy my lunch (he even offered to pay to assuage his guilt).  It was all good fun and I got lots of attention.  Not sure if that’s good or bad, but you know, YOLO.  I have to say it was a huge relief to take the dress off at the end of the day and be able to fully exhale.
PS: I ended up carrying Neve's walker around.


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Word. Your granny pictures and descriptions made me laugh so hard. Thank you, thank you.

Congrats to Chloe for going trick or treating. Tell her I had a guy dressed as an marine in full swamp camo, which was awesome...and he had a moustache. I'm pretty sure he was the dad of the little girl right before him. Whatevs. Good job, Dad.

And way to carry the walker. And way to go dressing up for work. You're the best.


Cora said...

And where's the picture of you in your costume?!

Daniel said...

I think we had some 'young adults' begging for candy too - I'm pretty sure one of them said they had a day job. Love the feisty granny!

Great job on the pumpkins! Ah, Spencer, always coming up with something unexpected!

And good for you to milk the dress-up at work for all its worth.

Rose said...

Neve as the granny is the best! Love it. She seems to fully enjoy her role.

Stephen said...

Sweet! You can show Spencer this auto-tuned MLK (even if he's seen it... It's... Worth It!)