Thursday, October 03, 2013

Day 3 - While some people are sitting on patios in Miami ...

Dale left for Miami this morning to visit his sister and to celebrate her 50th birthday tomorrow. You may also remember Dale’s Minneapolis trip a mere two weeks ago. I have been happily encouraging him to go on these excursions so that one day when some fantastic travel opportunity arises for me, he will have to do the same. Especially since I got out of bed at 5:15 this morning to drive him to the airport. But I’m happy for him and I’m sure they’ll all have lots of fun without me, she said sadly.

Anyway, the kids and I are going to have lots of fun here. We’re going to go to movies, restaurants, concerts, amusement parks, parties and the circus. And then we’re going to turn Dale’s side of the bedroom into a cool fort and eat sushi and chocolate covered blueberries and work on our felt handicrafts.

Not only did I get up crazy early this morning, I have been productive the entire day. It was a busy day at work, then I rushed home to take Spencer to his acting class. After that was done, I baked a big batch of cookies that Spencer needs to bring to school tomorrow for a party. And they weren’t quick easy cookies either – they were the homemade Oreo kind that you have to roll into balls and then stick together with icing once they cool.

Then, because I had a bunch of tomatoes sitting on my counter that were very ripe, I made marinara sauce. That involved lots of blanching (first time!) and chopping and pureeing and simmering and washing pots. It would have been nice if all that work had produced more than ONE quart jar of marinara sauce. All that blood, sweat and tears reduced to the contents of one little jar (mmm). I’m going to save it for a special occasion and will have harsh words for anyone who does not lick every drop off their plate. In case you happen to be present at that special occasion, consider yourself warned. So yeah, I’m not sure yet if that was Worth It, but I’ll let you know. Does that count?  If not, let’s go with the cookies then. I’ll say those were Worth It because I just know Spencer’s classmates will be super impressed by all the work I went to when I could have just bought a bag of Fudgee O’s. I’ll have to make sure he tells them I also made marinara sauce from scratch. I know what it takes to impress twelve year olds.


someone said...

oh my gosh - this was a laugh out loud and the read it to Derrick sort of blog. The circus?? Sushi in forts?? Oh my gosh, you make me laugh, Ellen!!

We should plan a girls trip. 4 days somewhere fun.


Lisa said...

Hope some of those cookies are for my visit this morning!! ha ha
See you later - Lisa

Anonymous said...

Ummmm...I'm turning 40 in April...Napa Valley... haha.


Lisa said...

Thanks Ellen - they were very good - forgot to get receipe from you, could you email when you have a mo. Great to catch up with you today. Many thanks. Lisa

Shannon Silvestri said...

Um, those cookies are BEYOND worth it. I think on them often.
No joke.
Yes, that's kinda sad.