Friday, October 04, 2013

Day 4 - Sweet, sweet Friday

Maybe this is one of those things everyone already knew (ie. Bailey from Sweet Life on Deck and Jessie are the same person??), but I discovered something wonderful this week. This magical tidbit came from my nephew, who’s a botanist (or something like that). He said when you chop up onion greens, you can put the bottom root part in a glass of water and they will re-grow. I finally tried it this week and it’s pretty amazing. They grow super fast; I took this picture after two days’ growth (I had chopped them to the white part). and you can harvest them indefinitely. I now have a permanent glass of onion greens taking up counter space, but I just shaved about 79 cents a month off my grocery bill. You can’t tell me that’s not Worth It. Well, you can but I’m so delighted with this that I don’t care. 

That was sort of a lame Worth It moment. They can’t all be awesome. 

Another thing that’s Worth It?  Fridays. Today was a good one with friends over for biscuits and a spot of tea in the morning, lunch with Neve, some work and errands after lunch (that was the low point), a nice long Happy Hour with my neighbour, and some TV and a trip to Chapters in the evening. No rushing around, no obligations, and the sweet knowledge that I can stay up as late as I want tonight and sleep in tomorrow. It’s all good. Happy weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the stay up late and sleep in part!!

And the green onion thing?? Amazing!!



Anonymous said...

You should do infomercials about re-using (or is it recycling)onions. You make is sound so glamorous. :)


Anonymous said...

Cool onion trick! I just bought a bunch at the farmers market today so will try that!