Saturday, October 05, 2013

Day 5 - Baby you can drive my car

Several people have asked me if Chloe passed her Learners test; I guess I forgot to provide closure on that issue.  She did indeed pass, and apparently answering a few test questions correctly allows you to suddenly be trusted to operate motorized vehicles, which are in the top ten causes of deaths in the world.  Contrary to what I said the other day, I took Chloe driving this afternoon.  She drove from the community centre to the Crescent, through Assiniboine Park and back home again.  She did very well, although there is room for improvement in important areas such as shoulder checking and not panicking when a vehicle comes towards you (in its own lane) on a two-way street.  She's pretty cautious, which is good.  Maybe not great for the guy behind us when we're stopped at a green light, but that's okay.  Chloe and I did lots of deep breathing to relax ourselves; hopefully the other drivers we encountered did the same.  Instead of the NOVICE DRIVER sign we can put in our back window (which we forgot), we should have a TAKE A DEEP BREATH sign.  I guess they kind of mean the same thing.  My Worth It moment: driving with Chloe even though I only did it because she begged me.  It went much better than I expected and Chloe was so excited and proud and it gave her a big boost of confidence.

Kristin's husband is also away this weekend, so her and I took the kids miniature golfing at the black light mini-golf place and then had dinner at their house.  Our kids get along so well together and are at the stage where Kristin and I can sit and talk for hours about anything and everything with no interruptions at all.  We discussed lots of dreams of making the world (or at least our neighbourhoods) a better place.  Talking is the fun part; the following-through is another story.


Yesterday Neve said, "Today my principal came out at recess and we talked.  And we both jumped up at the same time and tried to bump each other's stomachs."

To someone who doesn't know her principal, this sounds kind of bizarre.  I knew him years before he came to work at our school and he's an awesome guy who loves being goofy and having fun with the kids.  Even still, when she said this, Spencer and I looked at each other and had a good laugh.  I can't quite picture that scenario happening with either of the other kids' principals.

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someone said...

hahahah!! Bumping stomachs with the principal???

And yay for Chloe!! And yay for you and Kristen for changing the world!

And not yay for me who owes and extra blog at this point...