Sunday, October 06, 2013

Day 6 - Pumpkins

This weekend zipped by like a bullet.  Dale came home today; the kids and I didn't get everything done that we planned to do while he was away.  It was a full weekend though and like usual, I may have been unrealistic in my goal-setting.  I was going to paint some furniture and build a brick pad for our barbecue.  Those projects didn't even get started, never mind finished.

And apparently the circus wasn't in town this weekend, so we never did that either.  So we went to a pumpkin patch instead.  Kristin was telling me about a cool place they went, but I think we may have gone to the wrong place.  It was really just a vegetable stand that sold pumpkins.  Oh well, it was a nice fall thing to do.  Afterward, we hung around downtown for a bit and then I dropped the kids off at the Children's Museum.  Their cousins met them there and brought them home, so I had a few hours to myself.  

I had started rearranging the living room this morning, but the kids were all sitting on the couch while I was trying to move it and Neve was dancing on the coffee table.  It was a lot easier doing it when they weren't home.  It's not a drastic change, but I liked the idea of the couches facing each other.  Rather than having to turn our heads at unnatural angles, we can now look straight ahead and gaze into our guest's eyes.  I'm not quite done yet, but I'm not a decorator person and this room will never be featured in a magazine so there's no rush.  I foresee a problem when it's Christmas tree time, but we'll worry about that when the time comes (all too soon, I fear).

Here's Dale in all his post-run, sweaty glory in the Atlantic Ocean.  He had a great time in Miami, celebrating his sister's birthday.  He keeps talking about the tropical air ... the tropical smells ... the tropical birds ... blah blah blah.  My jealousy prevents me from being too happy for him, but I'm trying my best.  I know it will be Worth It when it's my turn.


someone said...


And I like the living room. I LOVE changing furniture around!!


Anonymous said...

The furniture looks super! I'd like to hear a bit more about Kristin's fun pumpkin place. :)