Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Before and after

Hello again.  It's been nice taking a little break and not feeling pressure to come up with something when I had nothing to say.  But I've missed you.
You may remember my bathroom fix-up paint job. The good news is that I got it all done a couple of days after I started.  The bad news is that I probably should’ve just left it as it was.  At least before, people assumed I had done a good job of painting, but you know, funny things happen in older houses and there are always cracks and imperfections.  Now people will look at it and think, why did they let Neve paint the bathroom? (sorry, Neve.)  I tried so hard to sand it smoothly and evenly, but it looks sloppy and rushed.  I am saddened by my lack of skills, but I find it pretty easy to move on and will just try never to look up there again. 
Also in the good news category is that I patched and painted a couple of spots in the living room since I had the mud and primer out anyway. I am quite pleased with my handiwork on one spot in particular, but I think that may be largely due to the fact it's in a corner where the lighting is poor.
I forgot to take a picture before I started, so this is more like during and after.

While cleaning up the yard this weekend, I couldn't help but compare this (at the height of its glory):
to the current situation:
Comparing summer to fall is not exactly comparing apples to apples, but still. One day last week while I was working in the study, I heard a crash on the deck.  One of the hundreds - if not thousands - of squirrels that live in and around our yard knocked one the plants down.  Thanks for that, vile rodent.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh - the potted plants made me laugh!!!

I love the bathroom ceiling!! Way to Go L!



Daniel said...

Yay, my daily diligence paid off!

I love your ability to move on from (what you think of as) a less than perfect job.

Anonymous said...

I think the paint job looks fine. Perhaps it's fine because it's from a distance...but really that's the view that most people see your ceiling -- a from a distance. I defy people to get up on chairs and stools and step ladders to view my cutting in along my ceiling. If they do, I chalk it up to their own weirdness and let it go. :)

Also thank you for calling squirrels vile...I also think they are vile. They dig in my garden, eat my tomatoes right before they are ripe to pick, plant peanuts in my garden when I have a kid allergic to peanuts, and cause all around nuisance. Gah!

p.s. Thanks for posting...I was in a bit of withdrawal after daily posts.