Saturday, November 02, 2013

Day 31 - The End

One last picture before its demise

If all November days could be like today, I'd be pretty happy.  It was sunny and warm (relatively speaking).  I went for a run in the morning and spent most of the afternoon outside, raking and pulling up plants and putting things away for winter.  We ran out of leaf bags, so we have a big pile of leaves in the middle of the backyard.  Neve was gone most of the day today, so I'm sure after she sees the leaf pile tomorrow, we'll be raking again.

Even though it was lovely to spend time outside, I'm always sad when it's time to put away the summer things in preparation for the long, harsh winter.  It's so exciting to plant my flowers in the window boxes and hanging pots and watch them grow - and so depressing to see them die in the fall and have to pull them out.   All that work for nothing.  Well, that's not true ... the enjoyment they bring me all summer is definitely Worth It.  

Chloe was babysitting until the wee hours this morning, and was still fast asleep when the phone rang just after noon.  It was Chloe's driving instructor, asking where Chloe was.  Turns out she had a driving session scheduled at noon, so that was the fastest wake-up ever.  Up she jumped, pulled on whichever clothes were the closest (her room is crazy messy so there were lots to choose from), and I zipped her to the meeting spot.  The importance of showing up on time has been drilled into the class and Chloe was afraid we'd be charged $37.50 for being late.  Her driving instructor is not the most easy-going, warm person ever (nor would I be if I had to put my life in the hands of 15-year-olds every day), but the Aero bar/bribe we grabbed on the way out the door seemed to do the trick.  Chocolate can solve a lot of problems.

We spent a lovely evening at Blake & Kristin's tonight.  We had raclette for the first time ... it's sort of like a fondue that involves melting cheese and cooking veggies and/or meat on a little grill.  We ate it with baguettes and pesto and potatoes and it was all delicious.  That was followed by fresh warm cinnamon buns for dessert, hits from the 80s, and talking about Twitter and Snapchat and other technology we pretend to be familiar with.  Hashtag good times.

And on that note:  #31days, #over, #totaleclipseoftheheart, #whatwillIdowithmyfreetime, #whathappenedtoclubnoveau, #worthit, #thanksforreading, #youareallawesome

PS:  Here's my Halloween selfie for those who aren't on Instagram.  My hair had already fallen flat by this time.  (why yes, Bailey, those are your grad earrings.  I'll bring them to your house tomorrow!)


Anonymous said...

Whaa!! It's over!!!


Anonymous said...

Completely second Sio's sentiment!


Daniel said...

I'll keep checking back daily, just in case... ;-)