Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Not ready

We got our first snow this weekend and it looks like it’s here to stay.  I know this is what happens where we live, but I’m finding it difficult to come to terms with.  There’s a dark cloud over my head about the arrival of full-fledged winter, which seems kind of wrong when I live in a good, safe, comfortable city with many friends and family around me. I keep reminding myself that many people would give anything to be in my situation, which unfortunately does little to lift my spirits. So, a generous dollop of guilt for my ungratefulness is a nice complement to the dread I’m feeling about how I’m going to get through the next four or five months.
I hope you didn’t come here expecting to find something cheery and positive.  Sorry.  Here’s a picture of Lexie to cheer you up.  She stayed with me on Monday morning, which was pretty fun.
I pride myself on being a pretty good winter driver. In my approximately 30 years of driving (I can hardly believe that … oh boy, am I old!), I don’t think I’ve ever had an accident.  As I was driving along Monday morning after dropping Spencer off and the carpool kids at school, being proud and haughty of my awesome driving record, I hit an icy patch as I came near the turnoff onto Route 90.  I couldn’t stop or turn in time, and I clunked the van up onto the curb of the little barrier boulevard. I sat there for a second, then put the van in reverse, backed down off the curb, and drove away.  Amazingly, everything seemed fine but I was shaking the whole way home.  I’m so thankful no other car was involved and I’m so thankful that the van seems okay.  I hope there’s no internal injuries that will affect the van later, but it’s not like the van is in the prime of its life anyway. But it didn’t deserve to hit a curb.
Since then I’ve been more cautious on the roads.  But if I’m worried in a vehicle, I can’t imagine how cyclists must feel.  I’m noticing a lot of cyclists on the road and I can’t help but admire them, but mostly I just feel very, very scared for them. I saw two cyclists biking along on the icy streets in Osborne Village tonight - one was wearing a ball cap and one other was wearing a beret.  Maybe they feel like a helmet won’t do much for them if they slip under the wheels of a bus. It was dark and neither had reflective clothing or lights on their bike, so I’m guessing safety does not come first.
And here's Lexie again.  She's a little frustrated with trying to get that baby's pants on.

Snow always makes Christmas seem that much closer, so I’ve been trying to get a handle on the shopping. We’re planning to go see Santa on Friday despite the objections of the older two children.  I think I’ve successfully threatened/begged/convinced them to go, however, their condition is that I not post a picture of it on the blog. That saddens me; I’m still hoping they’ll have a rush of Christmas spirit and goodwill towards their mother and allow me to post it. On the way home from school yesterday, I asked Spencer what he’s going to ask Santa for, and he said,  “I’m going to ask that everyone with a Cockney accent would start speaking regular English.”  Apparently Cockney accents annoy him. I believe he had an accent-related request for Santa last year as well.  I started to encourage him to ask for something else, but his other ideas were even worse so I left it. He should be asking for things like common sense, awareness and many guardian angels, because right after this conversation, I dropped him off at the corner near our house so he could run home while I went to pick up Neve from school.  As he was getting out of the van, I said, “Be careful crossing the street.”  He proceeded to start walking straight across the street without even lifting his head, never mind looking both ways.  There was a car coming, so I honked and he quickly ran back to the curb.  I was turning at the corner, so I waved to Spencer to walk before I turned.  I meant that he could go before me; he took it to mean that he could try and cross the street again without looking up.  Another oncoming car, another frantic honk by me, another scampering back to the curb.  The third time was the charm and I was pretty relieved to see that he was still alive when I got home five minutes later. I will be praying hard every time he leaves my sight.
I think I've posted before and after pictures of this closet many times before.  How does it keep getting so messy?!  It always happens when the seasons change; the mix of summer, fall and winter stuff was driving me crazy.  So in twenty minutes, this:
became this:

Yeah, it's probably not particularly interesting to anyone else, but for some reason the thought of posting before & after pics of it on the blog motivated me to clean it.

Here's a random picture involving an interesting onion ring and Chloe.

Here's an awful picture depicting the cold and messiness of the season that is now upon us.

And finally, a happy Lexie picture. That cheers me up a little.


Anonymous said...

Ya winter sucks. Time to book a hot vacation! Thanks for looking after Lexie. She LOVES going to your house. Jim

Anonymous said...

Cockney Accents?? Really?! What a funny little chap our Spencer is!

I sure do like those photos of the snow! Haha!



ps - I LOVE before and after closet photos!!

Anonymous said...

ps - I think Jim may be hinting at you to look after his girls while he goes on a hot vacation...


Anonymous said...

Don't get your hopes, there will be no pictures of Santa. Uncle Jim, I will look after my babies (Bella and Lexie) if you want to go on a vacation!!!!