Monday, November 11, 2013

The weekend that feels like it will never end

Sometimes I find long weekends too long.  Hello, first world problem that I should never say out loud.  Normally I love long weekends, especially in summer when we can go to the beach and do other fun outdoors things.  I also love them if I have a project or task that provides direction and focus.  But a cold November weekend with no plans and all five of us in the house can drag on.  Spencer and Neve had no school on Friday, so that makes it four days of staring at each other and our four walls.  It feels like all we’re doing is eating.  Sometimes we’re not finished cleaning up from the last meal before the next meal starts.  Neve often complains that we don’t have enough “sit-down” suppers, but even she commented on how many we had this weekend.

I always say I’m not one of those people who needs to be doing something all the time, but I’m starting to wonder.  As much I say I love to sit and read a book, after about five minutes, I get restless.  Maybe that’s why I have three books on the go at the same time, all of which are taking me very long to get through (years, in one case).  These are some of the things I’ve done this weekend, all in short spurts: played games with the kids, taught Chloe how to crochet, took the kids swimming, did lots of Sudoku, did laundry, made peanut butter rice krispie squares, went for a run, applied for new passports, ordered and picked up photo prints, wrote two letters, did yoga, Christmas shopped - both online and in-store, made two trips to Tutti-Frutti, went to a movie (Captain Phillips) and out for dinner with Dale, put together our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, had two movie nights with the kids, learned how to create a website, and went through some bins of clothes. Oh yeah, and I read two of my books, plus a different one that I’m reading to Neve.  Every time I looked at the clock, I couldn't believe it was still so early.
Despite the hundreds of hours of free time this weekend, it wouldn’t be complete without the kids suddenly remembering all the homework that’s due tomorrow.  Panic, frustration and despair have all made an appearance.  Tuesday, I’m ready for you.  It's time to start looking forward to the next weekend.


Anonymous said...

Of interest to me:

What books have you been reading? And which one has been taking you you 'years'? I like your perseverance.

Did you like 'Captain Phillips'?

I like lists like yours...especially when they are completed lists.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit! I didn't even shower for 2 days this weekend. You are amazing! I decided I want to be one of your kids. In a million years I would not let my kids read your blog, for fear they would say "why don't you do that with us mom". You rock!
-cousin carolyn

L said...

S-L: I'm reading the Harry Potter series (now on book 5), a novel called 419 which is about Nigerian internet scams, and the one I've been reading for years is called The Death and Life of Great American Cities. I love it and find it very interesting, but it isn't a good fit for my fractured schedule. I need a block of uninterrupted time to focus on what I'm reading.

And yes, we really enjoyed Captain Phillips. It was a movie I won't forget for a while.

Carolyn: I don't let my kids read the blog either or they would ask why I left out the parts where I yelled at them, hid from them, or snuck out of the house to get away from them.

Daniel said...

Haha!! Hiding from your kids is great!!

Anonymous said...

...said the guy with no kids.


I catch up when I have internet!! Keep blogging!!

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

So none of your kids read your blog? Can I come with you next time you sneak out if the house?
Chloe (the favourite child)