Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas things

One more week until Christmas and most of the preparations and rushing-around is over.  As you know, my shopping was done weeks ago (it makes me happy just to be able to say that), but the kids’ concerts and other activities have been keeping us busy.  They’re slowing down to a trickle now and it feels manageable. I treated myself to a shellac manicure and a massage today.  The massage was actually not that much of a treat.  My massage therapist does not give relaxing massages.  He will find any sore spots and work them until you rue the day you were born.  My silent screams drowned out the Japanese flute music and tears of pain fell through the face cradle, bouncing onto the organic bamboo floor.  But I felt really good after.

Neve’s school concert was last night. She is not shy and she loves being on stage.  That’s a bad combination.  Her class did a dance; they didn’t have to sing because they played the song over the speaker instead, but Neve knew all the words so she lip-synced along.  But not just regular lip-syncing, all-out, dramatic, wide-open mouth lip-syncing. And the whole time, she was making eye contact with me.  The dance went around in a circle, so even when Neve’s back was to the audience, she turned her head to look at me. You know how at every kids’ concert, there’s a kid that you just have to laugh at/with?  This time it was my kid.  Neve loves performing and was so excited about the concert that her joy just bubbled over and she didn’t know how to contain it.  So she didn’t.  We got lots of comments from other parents about how … um … animated she was.  I wish I had videoed it.  I take lots of pictures, but I seldom think to video anything.

Children's faces have been obscured with questionable success.

Then we got locked out of the house.  My parents came over for supper and then we walked to the school.  When I locked the door behind me, something clicked in the deadbolt and the key just turned around and around.  Dale stayed behind to try to get it open, but he ended up having to call the locksmith.  The locksmith hadn’t arrived by the time the concert ended, but luckily my dad had the keys to their van with him, so we had a warm place to sit until he got there.  The locksmith picked the lock on our front door in about a minute.  I was happy we could get into the house, but also somewhat concerned that it’s that easy to break in.

Neve and Spencer were also in our church play on Sunday night (above).  It was mostly singing, but Spencer was in a short skit. He did good; I think he was inspired by the play we saw at MTC on Friday night.  When I bought tickets to A Christmas Story, most members of my family complained that they “had” to go.  No one was complaining afterward though; we all really enjoyed it.  Jim and Sabrina came too. We all had front row seats (cheap tickets).  At first we were startled by how close we were to the stage, but when the show started, it was great. Neve and Bella had to sit on laps so they could see onto the stage, but it kept their attention the whole time.  Two children from Neve’s school were in the play, which made it even more interesting.

I’ve done quite a bit of baking, but I wasn’t good at putting (hiding) it in the basement freezer soon enough and now a lot of it is gone.  I have to bring some baking somewhere almost every day, so I’ve been making pretzel bark a lot.  It’s fast and easy, and doggone it, people like it.  Speaking of baking, I have to go get some ready to bring to work tomorrow. 

I included this picture as proof that I let Neve use the EasyBake oven.
Her forced smile doesn't adequately portray the great fun that was had.


Stephen said...

You should write haiku Ellen. This begs to be haiku-ized.

Japanese flutes and
tears mingle with silent screams:
"bamboo-hands" masseuse.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I wish you had a video of Neve's performance. :)

Emdog was 'that kid' at the church concert. I fear he will always be that kid...always. His poor future wife.

I'm so glad you posted before Christmas. I was getting worried that we wouldn't hear from you until 2014. Whew.


Daniel said...

For a second there, I thought you were making your kids wrap little chocolate chips to look like Kisses! Then I enlarged the photo. Whew!

Lisa said...

Merry Christmas Ellen to you and your family - did send email (hope you got it) look forward to catching up with you in the New Year - Have fun. Lisa