Monday, December 09, 2013

The best surprise face ever

I hate it when a week goes by without getting a chance to blog.  I have all these random thoughts in my head and I feel like I need to write them down so I can free up some brain space. When I finally have time to sit down and write, I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.  So this is going to be a Post of Randomness (POR).  I love acronyms because I think they make me so sound so young and cool.  Chloe would disagree. She hates it when I say IKR (I know, right?) because it takes longer to say the initials than the actual words.  IDC (I don’t care) because I still think I’m awesome.  YOLO.
Speaking of feeling young, except the opposite, we went to Dale’s Christmas party Saturday night.  Only a handful of the people there were his regular co-workers; the rest were from another branch of the company.  The majority of these others were young, single, beautiful women in their twenties.  The seating worked out poorly and I was surrounded by girls young enough to be my daughters, except for Dale who had his back turned to me the whole time as he happily talked and laughed with his middle-aged co-workers seated on his other side. The girls were very nice, but they spoke to me with great respect as if I were their great-aunt or their mother’s boss.  But the joke’s on them because while they may be able to pull off wearing leather short shorts to an office Christmas party, I only had to spend about seven minutes getting ready because I didn’t have to impress anyone. Or at least that’s what I thought.  Just wait until next year. 
My work’s Christmas party was the night before at Prairie 360, the newly re-opened revolving restaurant. The food was delicious, the view was amazing, and it was a treat to be with people of all ages and talk about things other than which bars are the best place to meet guys.
Speaking of work, I had the shock of my life at work on Thursday.  There was a meeting lined up for noon in the conference room, so two co-workers and I went upstairs together.  The lights were off when we got to the room, but I could see a powerpoint on the screen on the wall to my left.  I saw a few pictures of me on it, and while I was looking at the screen trying to figure out why, I was startled/terrified by a group of people yelling “SURPRISE!” from the other side of the room.  All my co-workers were there – even Dale was there – and I still didn’t know why.  Turns out I’ve been at the Chamber 15 years, and either they decided it was something to celebrate, or they think 15 years is long enough and they were hoping they’d scare me to death.  My friend Wendy got the perfect shot of my face at the perfect moment:

I laugh every time I look at that picture. There is pure terror in my eyes.  People said it was the best reaction to a surprise they’d ever seen.  And heard … I screamed, even though I’m so not a screamer. I never once suspected a party; I can’t believe Dale didn’t give it away.  I always thought he couldn’t keep secrets from me, but now I’ll start to worry.


Once my heart rate returned to normal, there was food and cake. I also got a beautiful silver bangle and a photo album with pictures from the past 15 years.  There are a couple of blog readers at work, so the theme of the party was “Worth It.”  It was very fun and unexpected (as you can see from the picture!) and I felt pretty special.  I have amazing co-workers and I have it so good that I’ll probably still be there in another 15 years, but everyone will be so tired of me by then that I’ll have to throw my own party.  But it will be worth it.  (You probably saw that coming.)
My boss and Dale wearing Worth It t-shirts!!  In my two favourite colours!

You can see my new bangle (the one closer to my fingers!)

I still haven’t written about achieving my Christmas shopping goal.  Actually I was late by one day, but that’s okay.  I have to say it feels as good as I hoped it would.  Unfortunately, the kids’ schedules are so crazy that there is never time to sit and relax.  If I still had shopping to do, I’d be so stressed and exhausted.  Now I’m just mildly stressed and a bit tired, which is way better.  I’m setting Saturday aside to do some baking, which is kind of silly since the few things I’ve made so far have all been eaten instantly.  They don’t even make it into Tupperware containers, never mind the freezer.  It’s an eating free-for-all.  It’s the true meaning of Christmas. 


Anonymous said...

OMG that was fun to read! That look on your face is, IMHO, hilarious! I totally LOL'd! TYVM! PROPS to Dale for keeping it a secret! WBU, SL?

Ok, that's enough.

But that was totally funny.

I only have 2 more days of 28 degrees and sun. THAT is not funny.



Anonymous said...

Great surprise pic! Congratulations! What a great bunch of co-workers to have.
-Cousin Carolyn

Lisa said...

15 years - wow - congratulations. Love the photo. Lisa

Stephen said...

Hahaha. This made me laugh. That's some raw emotion in that picture. Funny!

Good job Dale on secret keeping.

You're a good person too Ellen. :)
Keep up the great work

Anonymous said...

The look on your face is making me laugh so hard I have tears! Congrats on 15 years! That is super!


Anonymous said...

Sio...WBU, SL? Is this SL me??? Am I a new cool YOLO thing?

Ellen, you are amazing. I love your face. You made my day.


Anonymous said...

Totes you, SL.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That look on your face is priceless!!!!! Jim

Daniel said...

I hate it too when a week goes by without an L blog!

Awesome surprise, awesome surprise face!!