Thursday, January 30, 2014

23 days

Today you’re getting all kinds of randomness that’s floating around in my head. It’s like a little window into my brain.  I should probably pull the blackout shades down and never let anyone near that window, but here goes nothing.
I enjoyed this sign when I walked into Safeway yesterday:

Mmm, horse stirfry.  They sure know how to make people shop on a hungry stomach. I ran straight over to the horsemeat aisle, but there was none left.

Speaking of marketing strategies, I hear the Canadian Target stores are not doing as well as they expected.  However, later on in the same article it said Target is planning to open nine more stores in Canada in the near future. I know nothing about marketing, but it intrigues me. I imagine this is how the conversation went at Target head office:
“Sales suck.”

“That’s bad news.  Should we hold off on opening more?”

“Nah, let’s just carry on and hope for the best.”

Or maybe:

“Our sales are awesome!  The Canadian market has surpassed all our expectations!”

“That’s good news. Issue a press release saying the opposite so people will feel sorry for us and shop more. And open some more stores while you’re at it.”

Whatever the case, I appear to be one of the few people that love Canadian Target. Sure, the prices and selection aren’t the same as in the U.S., but that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone since the same is true of other U.S. stores that have come to Canada.  However, I enjoy shopping at Target much more than at Zellers or Superstore (Walmart goes without saying. Except I just said it anyway.) … cleaner and more organized, shorter line-ups, and friendlier staff.  Almost every time I’ve been there, an employee has approached me and asked if I need help finding anything.  Although that may be because I haven’t combed my hair in weeks and look sloppy and dishevelled every time I leave the house. It’s not easy looking awesome when you’ve been wearing the same parka and Sorels for three months straight.

I officially started my vacation countdown today.  Twenty-three more days, not counting today or the day we leave.  I’m not entirely clear on countdown protocol – am I supposed to count the day we leave?  I wish we were leaving tonight.  I don’t know if I can stand this weather for 23 more days. At the beginning of January, I said to myself - and to anyone else who would listen - “There’s so much going on in the next two months. Time is going to fly by and our trip will come before we know it.”  False.  Time is creeping by slower than rush hour in Atlanta after a dusting of snow.  Oh well, I’ll just keep staring at this picture to get me through the next 23 days.

The other day, Dale noticed that there was a bit of water running down the wall in the basement laundry room. We couldn’t immediately figure it out, so we were about to leave the room and ignore it and hope it fixed itself (that happens more often than you’d think). Then we had a burst of homeowner responsibility and determined it was coming from the kitchen sink. We decided our faucet was leaking, so we took it apart.  Neither of us had ever done that before; in fact, we didn’t even know it was possible.  It took every ounce of both of our problem-solving abilities plus a little help from a plumber on YouTube to figure it all out. We inspected the washers and cleaned all the gunk and couldn’t find anything amiss.  So we reassembled it all, which was more difficult than I’m making it sound, and sadly discovered the leak was still leaking. That was a lot of time wasted on a perfectly good Tuesday night. However in a moment of clarity, Dale finally found the problem: a leak in the metal hose for the pull-out sprayer. Trips to Home Depot and Rona were unsuccessful, so now we have to go to a wholesaler or special-order one.  In the meantime, we can only use the kitchen faucet with the sprayer head lying in our sink so that the leaky hose doesn’t drip water into our basement.  I feel bad for making you read this long, un-stimulating paragraph, but I’m not going to apologize because writing it down has used up a few minutes of the 23 days I’m trying to wish away.
Speaking of wishing time away, have you seen this?  It’s a calculator that figures out how much of your life you’ve wasted on Facebook.  Why anyone would want to know that is beyond me.  Why anyone would want to develop a calculator to figure that out is even further beyond me.
That reminds me of an awesome Valentine’s Day card I saw on Etsy.  I'm just going to email the link to Dale and save myself $4.50.
If you want something intelligent to do while you’re staring at a screen, go read Corinna’s blog.  She just started blogging again, which I’m pleased about. She bakes and cooks like a fancy TV chef, her kids say cute things, and most of all, she is refreshingly open and honest. I want to do more of that (the being open and honest part, not the cooking).
Okay, I'm done.  That's freed up a lot of space in my head.  Go in peace.  Happy Chinese New Year.


Anonymous said...

Love that card!

And that Safeway ad is hilarious. I might just go shop there because of it. :)

22 days now!


Anonymous said...

Super pumped about your count down!

I checked out the facebook thingy...apparently I spend 17 minutes a day there. Whew. I was expecting worse.


Corinna said...

I love you. You’re so witty it hurts. Your blog and Tricia’s (tiger mom friend) are the only ones I care to read, you really do help these dreary days pass more easily so keep the blogging coming! I even loved your plumber story. I’m sure Julio would zip by for a bit if you need a hand.
And thanks for the blogging plug! I never know how vulnerable to be…there’s always someone out there that I fear will say, ‘yup, she’s the loser I thought she was!’. But, screw them. There’s nice people like you who like me so I’m okay. :)
23 days! You can do it! I have Elkhorn with Sheri-Lee and a couple of friends at the end of Feb, so we’re practically samers. (Who am I kidding?)
Thanks for the tea! I had to pee so bad when I got home after all the pick-up shenanigans but it was WORTH IT. :)

Daniel said...

MMMMMmmmm, horse meat!

I know how I'm going to spend the next 23 days - perfecting the shoe tying technique Corinna posted.

Anonymous said...

Yay to bigger font!! Was that for my benefit? Either way, YAY!!

And in regards to countdown: you don't count the day you are leaving because that's the day you are leaving!!

I like how you wasted several minutes by blogging about plumbing and therefore got yourself that much closer to Costa Rica. By the time you get back from Costa Rica, I will be one month closer to Season 5 of Downton Abbey - which is 11 months away.



going over to Corinna's blog now...

Anonymous said...

Where are you guys going again? Sorry about your leaky hose. I can fix it. Or install a new faucet. We got one on sale for $60 at CT. Jim

Corinna said...

I haven't been in your comment feed for a while and I should correct my above statement re: blogs. I love Shannon's as well, so practical and definitely worth the click, even if I always have organizational envy. And Steve and Sio are great bloggers too but are not very regular. Foot in mouth. I love all the blogs in the world.
Look at all that time I wasted! I bet you can practically hear the ocean by now!
And Daniel, I bet it took you 5 min. It's THAT awesome.