Sunday, January 19, 2014

Embracing Winter

Today was the day Neve has been dreading for years.

Just before she started Grade One, she developed an inexplicable, intense fear of throwing up.  I think it was combined with some other anxieties, and things got pretty crazy.  When I got to the very end of my rope, I took Neve to talk to a counsellor, who had her pretty much healed in 50 minutes flat.  I could have saved myself months of stress and frustration if I had gone sooner.  Anyway, even though things improved 99%, she still had a lingering phobia of throwing up.  She hadn’t thrown up since she was two or three years old, so it seemed pretty irrational. 

Yes, I said “hadn’t.”

Neve was her usual self all day; we went to church, to A&W for lunch, and then to the park for some skating and sliding.  When we got home, she mentioned a few times that her tummy hurt.  I hear that a lot, and it’s always due to something she’s worried about.  I asked her what she was anxious about, but she said there was nothing.  She didn’t eat supper (thank goodness) and was still complaining about her tummy when we were all downstairs watching Mr. Bean.  Watching Mr. Bean blow his nose into the lining of his pocket or stuff his head into the cavity of a turkey makes my stomach hurt too so I didn’t think much of it.  But suddenly things got very bad.  I will go into as little detail as possible but Dale and I froze for a few seconds before springing into action.  A bucket, rags, scrubbing, baking soda, Febreeze, washing machine, washing-up, clean pyjamas, and one pale, quiet girl tucked into bed.  She handled it all very courageously; between bouts of being sick, she said cheerily, “This isn’t so bad!”

Winnipeg is working on changing its winter image …  embrace winter and be proud of it rather than hate it and apologize for it.  I’m not a fan of winter, but they've got a point.  We can’t control the weather; we can only control how we react to the weather.  Do I sound wise and convincing? I should be a counsellor myself.  So here we are, embracing winter for one hour.  Blake and Kristin and Bob and Jan came for a brief winter embrace as well, so we had fun.

Kristin pointed out this garbage can by the toboggan hill ... how much more Canadian can you get? Broken sleds and lots of Tim Hortons.

Perfect snowflake on the pom pom of Neve's hat

Stand like a pole and embrace winter

This is Spencer's favourite face to make when I come near him with a camera

Now I’m trying to convince myself that my stomach doesn’t feel queasy.  Those #!$*#% Mama Burgers.  On the bright side, a minor illness wouldn’t exactly hurt my Costa Rica weight loss plan.


Anonymous said...

"This isn't so bad!" hahahaha!!!

And you can embrace winter right now because you know you are escaping it soon!!



ps - love the perfect snowflake!!

Anonymous said...

Embrace it, Ellen!


L said...

After re-reading the first paragraph, I realize I sound very self-centred and insensitive to Neve's problems (ie. end of MY rope, saving MYSELF stress, etc). I am definitely guilty of thinking of myself too often, but I should clarify that I know Neve had it a lot worse than I did! I have nothing to complain about compared to what she went through.

(Being concerned with making myself appear more caring possibly makes me seem even more insensitive.)

Anonymous said...

Poor little Nevey! Hope she feels better soon! Jim

Daniel said...

This is your blog, L - go ahead and be self-centred! ;-)

Poor sweet Neve - hope she gets over it soon. "This isn't so bad!" - she's cute!

Nice to see you embracing the season. Even goofy Spencer.