Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The boy with the new bed

My staging skills are poor

There are never a shortage of projects that could or should be done around the house.  Reorganizing Spencer’s room wasn’t on the list.  There’s technically not even a list, just random thoughts that I throw into a corner of my brain. The pile of thoughts is so large and disorganized that it’s become a jumbled mess that I try hard to ignore.

Then my sister asked if we wanted a loft bed that they no longer needed. I wasn’t overly interested because I pictured bumped heads and awkward tucking-in routines.  I made the mistake of mentioning the bed offer to Spencer and his face lit up like a smartphone screen in the dark. Since his face doesn’t light up like that very often anymore, I didn’t have the heart to say no.  I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t think loft beds are awesome and magical. A few head-bumps are a small price to pay for never having to make your bed because a) it’s too awkward and b) from the ground, no one can tell.
So despite my better judgement, Spencer has a new bed. His room is quite small, so the extra floor space underneath the bed is actually pretty nice.  It makes the room feel a lot bigger and he loves it. 
I scrounged through my photos looking for a “before” picture of his room.  After hours of looking at old pictures and watching video clips from when Neve was a silly toddler, I came up with only two photos, neither of which reflect what his room was recently like. I must remember to take a camera to his room more often.  Spencer will love that.

The first one is from a couple of years ago that doesn’t show anything besides the floor.  This was an ill-fated attempt at organizing his Lego.  It seemed like such a good idea at the time.

This one is from early 2007, shortly after the reno was complete:
Look how tiny and concerned Neve looks
He was still using that cute little blue bed.  I found the headboard and footboard in the garage when we bought the house and eventually painted them and stencilled on a little lime green train.  Dale bought a plywood sheet to make the base and carried it all the way home from Home Depot along the train tracks (a story that is still the source of much laughter and mocking from my family). So it’s all a little sentimental, but I guess the time has come for Spencer to move past his choo-choo bed.

The floor of his room was always littered with clothes, lego, books, more books, his gigantic bari sax, and still more books. Now that there’s more floor space for his stuff, I’m hoping the mess will be less dense.  I wish I had made him sign a Clean Room Contract before I agreed to the bed. What was I thinking?!  I missed out on a golden opportunity.  The contract could have been expanded to include all areas that could use improvement like more unsolicited hugs and confiding in your mother and less Dr. Who.

The superhero mural lives on; Spencer has made no mention of wanting it gone and I haven't asked.  Spencer has been sleeping well even though it looks like Batman is coming to punch him in the face.  Or maybe he just wants a fist-bump.  Spencer still uses the bedding in the above picture, but this blanket is warmer for winter.

When he went to bed the first night after it was set up, both Dale and I went up to see him in his new bed.  As I feared, instead of a nice, warm, loving good-night hug and kiss, Dale and I stood on the floor beside Spencer’s bed, looking up at him.  He sat up in his bed and waved goodnight to us like he was the pope and we were the crowd below. That made Spencer pretty happy because he pretends that he’s too old to be tucked in anyway.
Now that Spencer’s bedroom has been checked off before it even made it to the list, if anyone has any drywall they want to get rid of, we could use some in our basement bathroom. Actually, never mind, Dale can easily carry a few sheets home from Home Depot. 


Anonymous said...

I love this post.

I love that Batman is staring Spencer down to go to sleep. (aside: have you seen the 'BatDad' youtube vids...awesome).

I love how tiny Neve is in the before picture.

I love that Dale carried a sheet of plywood home from Home Depot.

I love that you tried to organize lego...we did that post Christmas with new ster-lite drawers...it's pretty much a gong show already.

I love your pope metaphor. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

oh SO many things to comment on!!

"lit up like a smart phone screen in the dark" LAUGH OUT LOUD you made me!!

Nevey looks ridiculously small in that photo!! And I am going to need you to post some of the videos from when she was a baby. I can only imagine how cute they are.

I am also going to need you to further explain Dale carrying plywood from HD. But let him know that I have also hauled many a ridiculous thing along those tracks when I was sans vehicle. Usually giant toy supplies from Toy R Us, like picnic tables and kitchens. And I once rode my bike from Wolseley back to River Heights while pulling 2 wagons.

I remember Spencey loving napping in the top bunk at my house. The cats usually joined him which was really cute.



Daniel said...

Oh my goodness, Neve is such a sweet little thing!!!

Love the 'face lit up like a smartphone' image - so vivid!

Enjoy the new bed, Spencer, and the lofty view on life!

Anonymous said...

Dale and the infamous plywood sheet!!! Hope you kept it! Jim