Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The light

I hate winter. 

I try to stay positive.  I try not to spend time or energy complaining about the weather and being bitter about something I have no control over. I know I have so much to be thankful for and that the positive things about living here far, far outweigh the negative things. I love Winnipeg and will always stick up for it.

But I’m struggling. It’s impossible to dress warmly enough (but I’m getting close). The roads are icy, rutty, slippery strips of horror.  There are shattered car parts at every intersection.  The mountains of snow lining the streets make it impossible to see other cars at intersections. Chloe hasn’t driven in weeks.  We’re going to have to start the training over by the time road conditions are better.  Even a lot of sidewalks haven’t been cleared since the last big snowfall.  As if walking home from school in -30 C temperatures isn’t bad enough, Chloe has to walk the entire 2 km along a narrow path that’s been trampled through the deep snow. Some people just walk on the road, which makes the roads even more treacherous than they already are. When I was driving yesterday, a woman suddenly appeared on my right, attempting to cross the street.  She was wearing a long white coat with dove grey pants.  Luckily I saw her in time because she couldn’t see me because of the fur trim on her big white hood.  Everyone should wear neon.  This is not the time to blend in.

But there’s a big bright warm light at the end of this very long white tunnel and it’s called Costa Rica. That’s where Dale and I are off to in February. I’m not letting myself think about it too much yet but it’s always there in the back of my mind, helping me get out of bed each morning. I just thought I’d share that with you; maybe the thought of my happiness will help you get up each day too.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Costa Rica!


Daniel said...

That's a pleasant thought to keep you going - hang in there!

I hear you about the inappropriate use of camouflage - I still see (barely) pedestrians or cyclists in all black, on a dark rainy night. Darwin awards candidates, I guess...

Anonymous said...

Oh YAY!!!!! Ellen, I am so excited for you!!! I KNOW how much you hate that friggin winter. It's only a few weeks away - you can get there!! I am going to Costa Rica as well...but in June. Our next teacher training is there. But I get to go to Guatemala in December so it's all good.

Og YAY for you and Dale, Ellen!!


Anonymous said...

Costa rica sounds like a great plan!!! Maybe we can stow away in your luggage and come with! After almost running over a lady on the street, i'm impressed you remember her entire outfit? Jim

L said...

Nice gig you've got there, Sio! That's awesome.

Jim - sorry, but Dale and I just want to be alone.

Anonymous said...

I just said today that I will punch the next person who tells me they are going on a hot holiday. Since you did not tell me personally, you may be spared the punch, but I am jealous/happy for you.
-Cousin Carolyn

L said...

haha Carolyn, thank goodness I'm out of arm's reach. Normally I'm the one who feels like punching people because we rarely go away in winter. It's nice to be the punchee rather than the puncher.