Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Recent events

This will be a quick photo update of a few recent noteworthy events.  First there was Valentines Day on Friday:
The nieces all came over for breakfast (the two youngest came for a sleepover).  We had our usual chocolate cake, got everyone all sugared up and sent them away.
But not before I made them all line up for a photo:
Neve had her first gymnastics competition on Sunday. She was nervous about it for weeks beforehand, but had her nerves pretty well under control on the actual morning.  It was very cute seeing all the little girls on the beam and vault and everything.  Neve did well and ended up getting second place overall in her category. They had a little awards ceremony with a podium and medals and certificates. We really aren't a competitive family; we tend to go with the "do your best" strategy.  But I can't even begin to describe how joyful Neve is about getting a silver medal. I'm pretty sure the million singing angels came through for her. Since then, a minute has not gone by without talk of her victory. She's analyzed and deconstructed everything: the events she did well in, where she could have done better, what it felt like when they called her name, how high the podium was, the quality of the medal ("Do you think it's real silver?"), and much, much more.  She's worn the medal at all times except for when she showered and when she slept. She's wearing it to school right now. It gets a bit intense for the rest of us, but it's pretty fun to see how thrilled she is.

The bronze medallist looks sad, but I believe she was just looking down at the moment.

Yesterday, my whole family except for Dan & Jenn (where were you? we waited and waited.) went out for dinner to celebrate my mom's 75th birthday. Her actual birthday isn't until next week, but some of us thoughtlessly booked a trip exactly over her birthday. My mom hasn't been home for her birthday in 15-ish years (my parents go south for the winter), and exactly the year she's home, and exactly when it's a big birthday, we will be away. That was poor planning on our part. 

Going out for dinner with 22 people is no small feat; just deciding where everyone was going to sit took about an hour. But it was well Worth It; it was a lot of fun and the food was delicious.

We went to Bob & Jan's afterward for an awesome cake made by Bailey and Tia.  All the kids lined up with Grandma (my nephew Dylan and his family had left by this time or there would have been a few more in the picture).  My family has a long history of lining up for pictures ... every time one of us had a birthday, we all had to line up behind the birthday girl or boy for a picture. Or does everyone do that?  Whatever the case, twenty photos later, this is the best one.  My mom looks amazing - hard to believe she is 75. We are lucky to have her. Love you, Mom.


Anonymous said...

Your mom looks FANTASTIC!!! Happy 75th!!

There are so many funny things going on in each of those photos! Why is everyone looking at Spencey in the first one, and Neve has such a pose in the next one! Chloe trying to get Smallest to look at the camera in the last one. Too funny!

I admire your patience regarding the the constant talk of the silver medal!

Did you all ask for separate bills at that dinner party??



Daniel said...

I won something, but not quite enough!

Thank you for the photos - so nice to see all the fun!

Way to go Neve, you superstar!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Congrats to Neve on her personal best. :)

Also, if you want to see camera craziness, you should attend a Krymusa event. For real. The first time I saw it in action, I was like, "Are these people for real? Are we taking 10 pictures of JUST the cake?" (never mind the other 30 pictures of the rest of the food and the 2600 pictures of people with the cake and/or food...in various groupings of people...in various positionings...).

How many sleeps until CR? Sooooo excited.


L said...


Sio, you're always so observant. Not sure why everyone's looking at Spencer - probably because I was bugging him to cooperate and look at the camera. So everyone else automatically looks at him.

Dan, how much did you win??

Daniel said...


Have an awesome time in Costa Rica! Even if your little brother is tagging along. (is he?! I'm never quite sure, with the comments!)

Anonymous said...

Is Sabrina surprise me with a trip?!?! That would be awesome. My birthday IS coming up soon! Jim