Monday, March 24, 2014

Sweet Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen years ago today, I became a mother.  Apparently that’s a big milestone, which I didn’t realize until I glanced at Pinterest for some cake ideas and saw photo after photo of extravagant ballroom parties, eight-foot-high cakes, and dresses that are fancier than many wedding gowns.  I panicked for a few minutes until I told myself those kind of parties only happen in extremely high society and THANK GOODNESS we are not high society because there is no way I could ever compete with that.
But my sweet 16-year-old is pretty fantastic (maybe I’m biased, but I’d say she is much more fantastic than the spoiled society princesses), so we did our best to make it a special occasion.
Yesterday Chloe, Neve and I had a lovely brunch at Buccacinos with Janet, Bailey and Tia. After we ate our fill (and then some), we had fun browsing in Osborne Village for a while before Chloe and I headed over to the spa at the Forks. We warmed up in the steam room, lounged in the relaxation room, and then had massages in awesome heated massage beds. We finished off with another round in the steam room and a rain-shower. We both felt so relaxed and refreshed; it was amazing.
Then we headed home, right on schedule, and when Chloe stepped in the door, a big group of family and friends shouted “SURPRISE!”  I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to pull it off, but she insisted she didn’t have a clue. It was a great evening with lots of food and cake and candy and family and friends and presents and lots of love.  We feel so lucky to have Chloe, and on top of that, such an awesome group of family and friends who love and support her too.  Sorry, I know this is a sappy post, but I really do feel so fortunate in so many ways.  I’m sure I’ll get back to the sarcasm and cynicism in no time.

We had a little photo booth set up, so the kids had fun with that.  I haven't even had a chance to go through the hundreds of pictures Neve and Anna took; these are just a sample.

The cake looked better in my head, but the chocolate covered strawberries added some class.

Notice the cupcakes in the shape of "16" in the background

A couple of Chloe's favourite people in the world

Admiring a gift from another one of Chloe's favourite people

Chloe’s main gift from us was a limo ride to school this morning. I was concerned that it would look like a spoiled rich-kid thing to do, but I justified it by the fact I could have spent the same amount on a sweatshirt that she’d forget about in a year or two.  I feel pretty confident we made the right decision, because it was a big hit. I’m usually adamant about only giving gifts on the actual birthday, but we had to tell Chloe about it yesterday so she could make arrangements with her friends.  So this morning, the limo arrived at 8:00 a.m. One of Chloe’s friends came to our house, and then they picked up a couple more friends, went to Starbucks in Osborne Village for drinks, and then got dropped off at school. I’m guessing they caused quite a scene wherever they went, especially because one of Chloe’s friends had “Baby Think It Over” with her – the same baby simulator that Chloe had in fall (the friend posted a picture on Twitter of the baby in the limo with the caption “Baby’s first limo ride”).

Neve was thrilled to sit in the limo for a few seconds. She's not going to let us forget this when her 16th birthday draws near.

The celebrations continued tonight with sushi for dinner, cupcakes to take to cheer practice, presents, and popcorn while watching The Amazing Race.  It was a good, busy, fun day that will be remembered for a long time.  Happy Birthday, Chloe!  I love you like crazy.
I included this picture to show all the snow.  Some years, there is no snow on the ground on Chloe's birthday. I hope with all my heart that next year we will be shocked and horrified by this picture, as we wear shorts and eat birthday cake on the deck.


Daniel said...

Such an awesome birthday for such a wonderful girl! Great work L!

Anonymous said...

Love it!
-Cousin Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Wow. Happy Birthday, Chloe. We all think you're pretty wonderful too.

p.s. Ellen, you still look nice and lovely tanned from Costa Rica (to make you feel better about the snow on the ground).

Shannon Silvestri said...

Happy Birthday Chloe!!! You are lovely and I miss you in my van. Perhaps one day we'll drive past each other now! :) Hope your 16th year is pure sweetness.


Anonymous said...

I actually got a little teary eyed reading this!!! I just can't believe those little moppy headed toddlers are almost adults!! Chloe and Aimee (and I will safely assume Emma!!) have just become such delightful young women. Amazing!!! xoxox


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chloe. Sounds like lots of fun, Birthday cake looked great. Have a fun Spring Break. Lisa

Anonymous said...

Chloe you are AWESOME,!! The love you show our girls is amazing! They love you sooooo much! Jim