Tuesday, April 29, 2014

25 years

We seem much too young to be celebrating our silver anniversary, but according to our marriage certificate, Dale and I have now been married for exactly a quarter of a century.  I’m sure we’ve surprised a lot of people by making it this far, ourselves included sometimes.  We were way too young, but I have no regrets (I’ll probably keep that information to myself if my children want to get married young).  We’ve had a lot of fun along the way and laughed a lot (sometimes at each other).  We’ve been fortunate/blessed in so many ways and I don’t take that for granted.  Actually I sort of do, but I shouldn’t.  Dale deserves many medals and awards and accolades for putting up with me all these years.  

Thanks for the anniversary wishes and cards and the vintage silver platters - special delivery from Vancouver! – we are lucky to have so many awesome people in our lives.  

We celebrated with our trip to Costa Rica in February and dinner at Prairie 360 with the kids on Sunday, so tonight Dale and I just squeezed in dinner at Carbone between child-chauffering duties.
Looking forward to what the years ahead will bring.  Love you, Dale, you’re still my knight in shining armour.


Anonymous said...

OH. EM. GEE!!! How much do I love this????

I showed Derrick and he says "Kristy McNichol? And I think I recognize that guy. Wait...OH!! WOW!!! How cute are they?? That is AWESOME!!!!"

Happy Anniversary again, you guys!!!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And yes, you are far too young to be celebrating 25 years. But it makes sense as you both look about 13 in your wedding picture. :)

Your silver platters are beautiful. I have a guilty pleasure for traditional gifts.