Sunday, April 06, 2014

Spring Break Ski Trip

We normally stick around home for spring break, but this year we got all crazy and went away.  It was our second trip in a month, which has never happened before and probably never will again.  We have fully enjoyed our travels and will worry about the credit card bills later.  But every second has been Worth It, so I don’t care.
This time we went skiing in Fernie, BC.  Dale and I both have fond memories of spring break ski trips with our families, so it’s something we’ve always wanted to do with our children.  We kept thinking our kids were too young, but suddenly Child #1 is sixteen and only has a couple of spring breaks left before she graduates. I’m not sure how time slipped away so fast, but this was the year we decided to make the ski trip happen.  Bob and Janet and the girls have done the spring break ski thing quite a few times, so they were in as well.  They did all the research and found us a big condo to share in Fernie.  Since my parents didn’t go to Florida this year like they usually do, they ended up coming as well so we were one big happy family.  Well, except for my three brothers and their families.
So we got to Fernie on Sunday.  The condo was huge with three bedrooms plus a big loft where all the children slept, three bathrooms, three balconies, a spacious open kitchen/dining/living area, and an amazing view of the mountains (I could write real estate listings). The location was great; we were about a minute’s walk from the slope so we could just zip out in the morning and easily come back for lunch.

My mom always had lunch ready for us - pretty sweet!

On Monday, Neve went to ski school and Tia, Chloe and Spencer took snowboard lessons.  They all did good, but the skiing didn’t click for Neve right away. After her lesson, we knew she was still struggling but we exercised poor judgement and took her up the big chairlift anyway.  She had no control whatsoever and kept falling at high speeds and it was painful in every way. The next run was even worse.  The ski day ended with her bruised and crying.  She didn’t want to ski the next day, and then we all took a break on Wednesday, but by Thursday she was ready to try again.  We went back to the bunny hill and this time when Dale told her what to do, something clicked.  After that, she did awesome.  We took her back up to the bigger runs and she loved it. She didn’t want to stop. She has decided she wants to be a ski instructor when she grows up.

We could see Neve and her neon jacket from pretty much anywhere on the mountain

Chloe and Spencer enjoyed snowboarding, but it’s a tough learning curve and they’re more comfortable on skis.  So they skiied on Tuesday and Thursday and had a great time.  Dale and I hadn’t skiied in the mountains for ages but we ended up on a black diamond run early on the first day, thanks to Bob and Bailey.  There was some drama in which Bob skiied over a cliff and one ski got stuck in a tree and one ski slid down the mountain.  Dale, Jan and I backtracked and made it down basically a 90 degree slope while Bailey climbed straight up the mountain in deep powder to retrieve Bob’s ski. Good times.  We had a lot of good times; thankfully the rest were less dramatic.  The ski conditions were fantastic and the weather was lovely. 




The lifts closed at 4:00, so we had lots of time to hang out in the hot tub, eat, do puzzles and play games.  There was lots of fun and laughter and the kids all had a blast together. All too soon, it was Friday and time to go home.  We made it home in one day quite easily (we did it in two days on the way there).  I’m thinking we need to make this an annual thing, so if anyone else is interested, we’ll meet you in Fernie next year.  I took a lot of pictures because it was just so beautiful. Of course, the pictures don't do it justice, but you get the idea.  

The view from one of our balconies

One of the best parts of each day

Bailey and Neve

All of us in our "BC suits" (a throwback to a childhood trip to BC when my mom sewed us all matching red t-shirts and blue pants that we wore every single day, according to the photos)

My dad

Trouble on the slopes

Coffee break on the mountain

I love this pic and the reflection in Bailey's glasses

Lazy morning



Anonymous said...

stunning photos!!! bc really is beautiful, isn't it?? if it is conducive to just drinking an hanging in the hot tub, I'm in for next year!!! xoxo sio.

Daniel said...

I feel like I was there with you, and my credit card didn't even take a hit!!

Way to go Neve! I'm glad you gave it another try, and had fun!!

That slope does look awfully steep. Would LOVE to show you how it's done. ;-) Maybe next year...

The B.C. suits are priceless!

Anonymous said...

I like that your coffee breaks include beer. :)

We would love to join in on this action...I'm pretty sure that Emdog would end up on a black diamond run somehow with much the same results as Bob though. :P (Glad to hear everything turned out there).


Anonymous said...

That looks so fun and amazing! So glad you had a great time.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time! That's my kind of coffee break! Love the BC suits. We're in for next yr. maybe. Jim