Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The number of teenagers in the house has doubled

Spencer turned 13 during spring break.  I like destination birthdays.  The celebrating is a lot more straight-forward and spending your birthday skiing in the mountains with a bunch of family automatically makes it pretty special.  


Spencer doesn’t get as excited about birthdays as the girls do, so we kept it simple.  I put up a Happy Birthday banner, blew up a few balloons (forgot to bring string to tie them together, so they just drifted around on the floor), ordered pizza and an ice cream cake, and gave the boy some gifts.  Then we all played a game he really likes (creatively called “Things”).  Oh, and toward the end of the ski day, we went to a little café way up on the mountain and sat outside on the deck and drank hot chocolate and looked at the view.  I think Spencer enjoyed the day, but it’s not always easy to tell since he appears to be following the stereotypical teenager route and growing less communicative than ever.  He also doesn’t like to be in photos, and he hates it when I post pictures of him on the blog.  If you ever wonder why I post more pictures of the girls than of him, that’s why.  I do sneak some in (occasionally with his permission), but it’s only because I know he’ll be happy about that one day, even if he never admits it.  Right, Spencer-of-the-future?

As I said, he’s developing some typical teenager characteristics, but in most ways, he is definitely not typical.  He has a very unique mind and definitely dances to the beat of his own drum.  He’s currently reading MacBeth for fun, and is considering writing his school speech on “Why Chemistry Should be Offered as an Option in Grade 7.” He loves the periodic table and thinks it’s a huge injustice that he has to wait until high school to study chemistry.  He devours facts and reads almost anything he can get his hands on.  He can find any country on a map and can have a reasonably intelligent conversation about anything from Dr. Who to world issues.  He’s very involved in fencing and passionate about acting.  Before you get the impression that Spencer is a magical, perfect creature and that your own children are inferior, let me assure you that there is room for improvement in many areas.  Social interaction with others, crossing the street safely, and general common sense are but a few categories where supply doesn’t always meet demand.  But he makes life interesting and fun and I love him to pieces.  And I hope he doesn’t see this blog post or he’ll be really mad.
On the way to Fernie, there was a giant pinto bean that the kids just had to stop and be photographed with. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out why a pinto bean would need to carry a firearm. I used to love pinto beans but I'm kind of wary of them now.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Spencer. I can write that here because he won't read it and it won't embarrass him. ;)


Julie said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Spencer! I love that Macbeth is recreational reading for him, and that he's lobbying for more chemistry. It shows such a breadth of character. I predict he's heading for the ivory tower.

I love that you consciously make treasurable memories and adventures for your family and yourself.