Monday, April 28, 2014

The weekend report

This was one of those rare weekends that seemed to stretch on forever.  The girls had no school on Friday, so Thursday felt like Friday, Friday felt like Saturday, and so on.  But today felt like Monday from the second I woke up, so the joy of feeling like I was a day ahead has come crashing down.  But before we think too many bad thoughts about Monday, I will say that one of my favourite times of the week is Monday at about 9:02 when I return home after getting all the children to school.  The house is so quiet and peaceful. I don’t even listen to music, my ears just bask in the silence and delight in being completely useless for a few hours. Neve is in a stage (it’s been a long stage) where she talks all the time.  Some people complain their kids don’t tell them anything but I have the opposite problem.  I don’t actually need to know where Abby P. sits in the new seating arrangement or that Emma got a new lunch kit with a pink and turquoise zig zag design on it. When we walk home from school, Neve can spend the entire five blocks describing what a classmate had for snack. I know some day I will read this and wish I’d had more patience for her ceaseless chatter. But that day isn’t today.  All that to say, Monday mornings aren’t the worst thing.

These are some of the things I did this weekend:

On Friday I volunteered at Harvest with Spencer’s class.  Spencer wasn’t delighted, but I made him promise that he would at least speak to me and not pretend he didn’t know me. He didn’t love that idea, but he liked it better than my threat to start breakdancing and/or beatboxing if he ignored me. Works every time.  The only embarrassing thing that happened was that I was wearing the exact same shirt as a girl in his class.  I still had my jacket on when I saw the girl’s top so I kept it on the whole time.  It’s made out of cheap nylon that doesn’t breathe and I was almost exploding from heat while sorting onions, but I felt like it was a small price to pay for preventing a 13-year-old girl from being horrified that she was dressed like a 44-year-old mom.

We had a belated Easter dinner with Dale’s family on Friday night.  It was kind of nice to spread out the big meals (and chocolate).

My sister-in-law Sabrina is basically a professional deal-finder, and there’s an annual charity clothing sale where she always finds amazing things.  It was on Saturday, so I decided to overcome my dread of crowds and craziness and tag along. She got there about a minute before I did, and by the time I stepped in the door, she had her arms full of clothes already.  She told me to grab anything I even remotely liked and sort through it later.  But I was overwhelmed by all the clothes and kind of scampered around skittishly, not knowing where to start. All of the other shoppers were grabbing clothes while I was standing paralyzed by the rack of fleece vests like a deer in the headlights. Luckily I snapped out of it long enough to get a few things and then we all went to a corner with a mirror and tried things on over our tank tops while my friend Kristin kept scouting for more clothes for us to try on.  Chloe, my sister and Gab were there too and it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.  Between Chloe and I, we got fourteen pieces of clothing and two pairs of shoes for $45, so we were pretty successful.

On Saturday afternoon, my mom, sister, and sister-in-law took my mom out for lunch, shopping, and a pedicure. It was her birthday gift from back in February, but it didn’t happen until now.  We had a lot of fun but it was too bad that two of my sister-in-laws couldn’t come.  Unfortunately Jenn lives too far away to hop over to join us for the day, but Joan was hoping to come but didn’t feel up to it.  We tried to include her in the pictures though.  We went to a cheap nail place and had the typical experience of not quite understanding everything that was said and of trying to be upsold, etc.  Sabrina shared this video which is so true and hilarious.

To end the weekend on a high note – literally – we took the family to Prairie 360 to celebrate our anniversary.  I will expand on the anniversary tomorrow (probably), but we had a really good time.  Most of the food was really good (especially dessert) and the kids loved the view of the city.   


We got our money's worth of bread

Triple chocolate cheesecake - so good

I wanted to stay until dark to see the city lights, but Spencer started to get bored and restless

Okay, now we've overstayed our welcome.


Anonymous said...

Haha!! I was JUST face booking with a friend about overly chatty children!!! It is EXHAUSTING!!! I have been through a lot of them. One of them was Chloe when she was in her Tweety Bird phase and could tell me in great detail her favourite episode. She would fill an entire drive home from LCS with it. Haha!! So funny. Now that I'm not partaking ;) .

Sounds like it was a fun weekend!! I love the photo of Neve at the end.

xo Sio

ps - Happy Anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

ops - HILARIOUS video!!!

xo Sio

Anonymous said...

And you also need another post about your 14 purchases for $45.