Saturday, May 17, 2014

Birthday Girl

Lisa, Teresa, Jim, and me - I think there are 6 candles, so this was 38 years ago!  (Thanks for the picture, Lisa!)
Today (well, technically yesterday) was the second year in a row that Teresa missed her birthday party.  Her sisters put on a party for family and friends at the local park; we talked about her and ate delicious birthday cake and sent her some balloons.  It was a beautiful country evening and it was so good to talk to others who love and miss Teresa too.  The kids played and laughed and ran around - Teresa would have loved that so much. She may not have been there physically, but her spirit definitely was. 
Happy birthday, Teresa. I hope it was amazing ... love you and miss you! 


Anonymous said...

So beautiful, Ellen.

Lots of love, Sio.

Daniel said...

Wonderful tribute to her.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic. Jim