Friday, May 02, 2014

Student Teacher Crush

Neve always gets very attached to her student teachers.  Today was the last day for this year's student teacher (Miss L) and Neve was a wreck this morning, wondering how she will be able to go on. She made Miss L a card, which I secretly snapped a photo of and am sharing with the entire internet.  I did cross off the student teacher's name - first, middle, and last - since I'm already kind of worried the teacher will feel a bit overwhelmed by the card itself.

(The last line says "Good luck with your last year of university.")

Neve gave me strict instructions to bring my camera to school at the end of the day so I can take a picture of Neve and Miss L.  Dale accidentally took my phone to work with him* this morning, so I have to bring my big Nikon and do a photo shoot.  Miss L is either going to feel very flattered or very creeped out by all of this.

*I thought my phone had been stolen in the night but after a frantic search, I discovered Dale had inadvertently taken it to work.  I have no idea how that could happen, but I'm planning to do the same to him one day so he understands how traumatic it is.


Anonymous said...

Oh that card!!! So so so cute. :) I hope she will treasure it forever. As I was reading it (the beginning) I was thinking oh, that's so good Neve has forgotten the whole telling of the first name incident so that part really made me laugh.


Daniel said...

Oh my goodness, what a great card!! I'm sure -- -- --- will LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I gotta tell ya that the funniest part about all this was that you thought your phone had been stolen in the night. Like, a thief broke in, and ALL he took was YOUR phone?? Hahahahahah!!

Close second was Neve's card. I wish I could be there when Miss L reads it!!

xo Sio

Rose said...

I remember being quite attached to my student teacher in Grade 2 and we wrote letters to each other for years afterwards. Then, I actually met her again all those years later at my MIL's church when I met Duane b/c her parents attended there. Small world!

You just never know how you might impact somebody even if you only know them for a short time:)

Anonymous said...

ahhahhah. Darla and Sio, you make me laugh. ... And you too, of course, Ellen. ;)


Anonymous said...

Awesome card Neve!!! Jim