Monday, June 09, 2014


Three and a half months after being diagnosed with cancer, my strong, brave, beautiful sister-in-law Joan left us early Friday morning.  I’m glad her pain is gone and I know she’s living it up in heaven, but it should would be nice if she had stuck around for a few more decades (in good health).  Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support. The calls, emails, texts and hugs mean a lot.  Joan’s funeral service is tomorrow.  Spencer is saying a few words, so we’ll see how that goes.  I convinced him to remove the obscure Hebrew reference that no one would understand, but he fought to keep the sibilance (alliteration with s’s), even though I don’t feel it’s quite as powerful as he does.
I’ll write more about Joan another day; for now I’ll share her own Facebook words and the link to her obituary.

You can tell how loved she is by the 103 comments - not sure about the people that "liked" this status! I was possibly one of them; I know it's just a show of support :)


Anonymous said...

So sorry Ellen, big hugs x

Anonymous said...

Ellen our hearts are broken for all of you. Joan's life touched so many people, she will be missed deeply.
Please tell Spencer that he did an awesome job of his speech for his Auntie Joan! She would be so proud of him.
I loved all the personal tributes, (Tia's, Jordan's & Dylan's) so beautiful!
Hugs to you all. - Pat